Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dear Blog~ 28th May 2011

Tried to use a new editing software... (the contacts look fake)

I love my Leaf Village Headband!!! (from Naruto if you didn't know) I bought it of my friend, Hannah Mae for $13, I don't care what others say I think it's worth it. Hannah is a huge Anime fan, even her name Hannah Mae rhymes with anime, cool right?

Anyways, back to today, I once again had no life and showed up at school on a Saturday, with Alex, Cara, Monynna, Ck and Haren. We had to show up in school uniform at 11:30 am and drove for 30 mins to UNITECH for a Wai Care Expo (Wai is water in Maori). It was a good experience to understand the importance of our stream water ways, but the event was pretty long... We end up going home around 5:30pm and these days the nights comes much earlier, so it was pretty cold.

I saw my last years maths teacher, Mr Hishey jogging at the park in front of the school, when I was waiting for my parents! It was so cold, but he still came out to exercise. Didn't expect any less from a black belt I guess.

When I got home, internet was the first thing, I haven't been on for about 24hrs! And from today's expo and workshops I decided to create Twitter and Hoot Suite. I am still snooping around with things but I'll soon manage. Also there was this awesome online presentation software that all of us (alex, cara, monynna, ck and haren) had the idea to use for our Global Studies assignment. Haven't tried it out yet but the outcome shown at the expo was amazing.

Catchu latar! Me gonna watch anime now hehehe, "Naruto Shippuden" ep 212 was updated on Crunchyroll and also "A Bridge To The Starry Skies" ep 6!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dear Blog~ 18th May 2011

Today was us (MHJC year 9&10 girls football team) first game this year and we versed Macleans College and pretty much failed... 0-4

My position was right defense in first half of the game, I wasn't really comfortable in that position because the sun keeps getting into my eyes and since I am short sighted and I didn't have glasses or contacts on it just made my sight even worse, and Macleans scored 3 goals during first half...

Then in the second half, I was finally in my favourite position (goalie) and we also changed sides so the sun wasn't in the way. I believe I did great blocks except for one goal that rebounded pass me when I block and since my reaction wasn't fast enough it went past.

I had a great time and since it's our first game, I am sure our team would get better.

This was the goalie top, which is in my favourite colour YELLOW!! And also it's #1 lol
This is my top when I don't play as goalie... number 4 which means death in chinese =.=" this isn't a good sign.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dear Blog~ 16th May 2011

Dear Blog,
Today has been painful, I realised how useless my arms are now. I can't even do one whole press up...

P.E use to be one off my favourite classes at MHJC, but since the start of this year a lot has changed.

-I'm finally single, and I must say it is way less stressful especially with all the work I have in and out of school.
-I think I have become more quiet in front of "people who hate me" (bitches) saves me less trouble, I realised. (grandma's advice are really good)
-The stress from school is getting pretty rough, I really need to stop eating when I am studying.

My maths grades are still top in the class which I'm pretty glade about, but my parents still don't realise the hard work I go through to get that score.

Even though there are bad things in life, but that's what makes it interesting. And there are all ways good things to even the bad things out. (yin & yang) and I am definitely looking forward to my next football match. I believe my position is goalie (once again) and my school (MHJC) is up against Macleans. They school is pretty popular with academic achievements but not 100% sure about sports??? Anyways hope I don't hurt myself to bad this time... Wish me luck ^ ^

Advice with Love

You wish them the best, but when they need help, you can't do anything. It hurts when you feel so useless and that you can't support them, sometimes it even makes them feel worst.

We, humans can't do everything, but I am sure in all our hearts there is a special someone we want to protect. They may not know or they may feel the same way, but always remember to love and protect that special someone even if you never get anything back.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life That Is Not A Life

How many students do you see go to school in the weekends?? You'd think they obviously have no life right?

Well I am one of those who would sacrifice her weekend and show up at school and do work for 5 and a half hours. It doesn't sound as boring as how I described it, because I wasn't lonely. Friends are important to have around, to make things fun and interesting. It would have been very different without them.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the day to show your love to your mother, even though we all love our mum everyday throughout the whole year, today is the day to celebrate.

The most special lady in your life is your mum, who brought you into this world and raised you. You both go through ups and downs in life, but your always there for each other. Though sometimes, your not really in the best mood to listen to her, but think about what's it like being in her shoes? One day you'll become a parent and that's when you'd truly realise, what your mum meant when she's lecturing you or praising you. It's all because she loves you every moment of the day.

So why would you not show the love back? Today is the best chance.

 Mother's day gift from Shelley (my sister)

Graphics Homework

Mother's Day Cake