Monday, 8 July 2013

Never Too Old For Toys

 MY CHILDHOOD!!! Anyone else still have their's??
(Tamagotchi v3, v4 and v5)

Meet my new friend LEO :)
The Warehouse was having a toy sale and these 135 cm tall teddy bears were on special for $70, originally $120. My eyes were glittering when I saw them so my dad decided to get this beast for my birthday present :)

 Early birthday present from Henry ^ ^ Thank you Henry and have a safe trip back to China :D
If  anyone was wondering, it's a panda pillow speaker XD

 I've recently used up my Clean & Clear, Morning Burst Skin Brightening Cleaners. Which I do not use daily or even in the morning, but I find it very refreshing to use after training. So I decided to repurchase it, but instead I found the facial scrub version. Which I think would cleanses my skin better, since my skin is all sweaty and dirty after training.

 I had to repurchase my prescription contact lenses. Sigh -.-" -3.75 in both eyes... So blind DX

I have still been in the search for coloured contacts ever since my fail purchase with the wrong prescription. So I decided to ask my Optometrist to introduce me to their coloured contact lenses range. They recommended me lenses from my current clear lenses brand. Freashlook. The price is similar to my clear lenses, but I'm not so sure which colour to purchase at the moment. Since I would need to be dedicated to it for a whole month. So I'm deciding to purchase grey and blue daily contact lenses to trail and then get my regular monthly lenses once I've decided.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Paper Bag Princess

~1st of July~

It's half way through the year now, hooray XD

On Saturday, I accompanied Sabrina to go shopping at Manukau City Shopping Center. We especially wanted to visit Equip, because Sabrina wanted to buy the buckle backpack that I recently purchased there. Also I had a 50% of voucher, which was very convincing for Sabrina and Anh (who wasn't there). However Sabina didn't end up buying one, but it wasn't a loss since she received a 50% voucher as well for if she decides to change her mind. I picked up a burgundy buckle backpack with cat prints for Anh, because Cats is her weak spot :3 meow~ (I forgot to take a picture of the bag though sorry... it was pretty >.<)

I also got these bows from Equip for $5, originally $10
(I really need to control myself when I see pretty bows now...)

If anyone was wondering, I got the 50% off voucher by signing up online to Equip Friends :)

One weak spot of mine are Pandas and another one that I'm sure a lot off people share with me is cute stationary!!! I got these two, 5 subject divided A4 Notebooks from Typo for a special of 3 for $18, Sabrina picked up one for herself as well so we can get the special.

On Sunday, Seryna, Anh and I went to the city specifically to browse through thrift stores on K-road.... We came across this shop called "Paper Bag Princess", which had cool drawings on different parts of the store walls telling the story.

Miso Ramen!!! Mmmmmm.....
Seryna and Anh were a bit amazed when I devoured it to the last drop of soup. It's because the soup's the best la!!

This week my school is performing our very first production called "For Today", on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Me and Chibi got tickets for Friday since we don't have the Basketball Social on and it's our 10 months :)