Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hitman Reborn

One of my most favourite anime, it is so epic and awesome and and..... aiya can't describe it. Seriously recommend though.

During Session Two: English

I believe my weakest subject at school would be English, but it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like learning English. Though, so far it hasn't been going well...

People need to learn to respect teachers and if you think about it, its not the teachers fault, even if she did give us a bad first impression, but if it's not the students disturbing the class we might actually learn something.

The teacher should realise that to and instead of trying to teach the whole class (which isn't working well so far) why can't see just split the class up.

Take Control

Why can't I just decide my own future, my own unique path??? It's because I care too much about how other people see in me. I study, to be the top, to impress my parents and let them understand I can be successful in my life. In the end they still encourage me to go to a school that I don't want to go to. They believe that it will do me good, then it hit me, I felt that all the hard work, achievements and improvement I have over come, came to this...

It really hurts to think that all the hard work that you went through, ended up doing the opposite effect to what I hoped. I wanted them to realise that I can handle things and that they didn't need to worry what school I decide to move onto. Instead aiming for the top made them believe that they should make my goal even harder to reach through a proses that I disapprove of.

My life has been taken over by this nightmare.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011