Saturday, 24 November 2012

Teenager's Rage For Internet

I was suppose to post yesterday... but my internet decided to be a complete idiot! I swear it's the people who rent part of the house downstairs. Someday I'll sneak into their part of the house and smash their computer. Since they decided to be so inconsiderate about a teenager's desperate need for internet access. I honestly don't understand what they are doing, because we clearly have plenty of gb to spare....

By the way, check out my awesome mustache ring. My friend Shakira (aka BOSS) started her own business and is selling jewellery online and at the Pakuranga Saturday Night Market where I also go help out. So if your interested check, go check out her online store Ma Cherie or come along to the night market if you live in Auckland New Zealand.

Ma cherie
Facebook page:
Online Store:

On the Ma cherie facebook page, the photoshot of the products was by Seryna, who did modelling, photography and editing!! She's to pro...
You can check out her blog too, it's awesome!

Today I had fun hanging out with Shakira and her mum at the Howick Morning Market. Where we both got some cool shots to share.

The most adorable puppy in the world!!
Sushi in Howick
Christmas Spirit in Botany Town Center
Kiwiyo: New York Cheesecake Frozen Yoghurt


I'm Asian so I obviously love my cute stationary. Even though it's still early I have already found the exercise books that I'll being using for my next year courses.

Weekly Scheduler
English And Economics Exercise Books
My weekly scheduler is so adorable and very flexible with the time frame that it can be used in.

 I write the most in my English and economics classes, so these two exercise books is plenty to last for a year's course. ==>

Chemistry and Physics Exercise Books

And these two exercise books are for my lose notes for chemistry and physics.

I am also taking industrial design next year, which I don't need an exercise book for since I would be handing in a portfolio.

Also since I am a maths and calculus nerd, I go through many maths exercise books throughout the year, so I thought I might as well just stick to the standard exercise books.

Anyways I can't wait for the holidays, but I still have physics and economics exams to go.... Need to study now. Bye Bye~

Friday, 23 November 2012

Red String Of Fate

My hair was behaving today so that made life easier. If only it can do that everyday... I am trying to let it grow and hopefully it doesn't get in the way. Cutting it will result to my friends and family slaughtering me.

Today I was over at Seryna's place after a physics tutorial at school, to catch up with our sweet buddy Jenny, who unfortunately went to our neighboring school after grad. So it's been like a year since we last saw her.

I knew they were gonna take photos today which I thought I could avoid, but that plan failed... but since the photos are taken I'll share a few in today's blog.

The Myth of the Red String Of Fate

I've been trying to explain a chinese myth to my boyfriend, but that attempt failed since I couldn't remember how it went. However now that I have done my research I thought I can share it.

The red string of fate is a Chinese legend from long long ago, that the god of marriage would tie invisible red strings on the pinky's of two destined lovers. No matter, who, when or where and they are destined to meet each other one day and fall in love. The red string can tangle and stretch at times in the relationship, but it will never break. Therefore everyone has a soulmate at the other end of their own red string waiting for the chance to meet at the right time.

Afternoon Tea

catching up with an old friend = getting forced into a skirt

 More Photos on Seryna's blog: check it out :)

Jenny also just started her blog, checking that out won't hurt either:

Summer Is Around The Corner

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Me And My Minions Of Daisies

 Hi Blog,

Today I went to the Botanical Gardens with my buddy Shakira. It's been so many years since I have been there and the revisit reminded me of all the great childhood memories I had spent there. I also pulled of some pretty good shots using my phone and a simple editing app.

I tried defining my eyes today by adding eyeliner and for the first time, false lashes.
I bought Chi Chi Cat Lashes

My Mini Gallery Of The Photo Shot Of The Gardens

The Pond
When I was a kid, I use to always feed the ducks there and get angry when I want to feed a specific duck, but the other ducks take the bread instead. I know I was a retarded child.

The Arch Entrance To The Rose Garden

Inside The Rose Garden

Growing In The Middle Of The Pathway
Well I thought this flower was very lost, because it grew on the side of the pathway where the rock wall is... It looked really pretty though so I decided to take a picture of it too.

Pink Rose
Yellow Rose

 Roses are a must at the Botanical Gardens.

Though I did risk my life from being eaten alive by the bees to get these shots. Yes, I am terribly  terrified of bugs.

Natural State
I didn't edit this photo at all, which I really liked because the background was already blurred. I love my phone's camera. 

My Minions

How can I miss the flower that I am named after. This photo wasn't edited at all as well. Just naturally has a blurred background.


 "I'm sexy and I know it"

I showed the Momo Tea Restaurant in Meadowland to Shakira, where we grabbed dinner around 9.

My Coconut Pearl Milk Tea
Shakira's Peach Nata

Shakira's Green Curry

My Garlic And Spring Onion Chicken With Rice

Again it's 1 in the morning, I must go sleep now, because I need to go school "today" for physics tutorial...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Exam Is The Time Of The Year For The Nerds To Shine


It's been a while since I last talked to myself... Well I have been busy with my studies as usual, NOT!! leaving work to the last minute is a really bad habit. I've also been neglecting my laptop every since I got my Samsung Galaxy S3. My dad bought it for me before the practice exam which wasn't a really good idea since it was such a distraction with it's pure awesomeness. It's just so beautiful and amazing, "inspired by nature." Though it's definitely over-sized for my hand, but I still love the S3.

I've been taking pictures with my S3 so I don't have a picture of itself, but you can admire my awesome phone cases instead. By the way my S3 is white, 16gb.

This is my hello kitty phone case, it's a soft rubber type and my white phone just suits this pink case so much! I got it from Chinatown in Auckland for $18.

How can I ever say no to pandas. This panda phone case, is a hard shell one and it's just so adorable! I have been helping my friend, Shakira (aka BOSS!) at the Pakuranga Night Market every Saturday since September. Which gave me the chance to know a lot of the surrounding stalls. So I got this case from a phone case stall for $15. YAY! Even though I wanted the Chopper phone case from One Piece, but unlucky for me they sold it before I could come around again with money...

After exams I also got myself a Logitech iPad2 Magnetic Cover Keyboard as as a prize for myself, for owning all the year 12 Level 2 Mathematics students in the practice exams, with one full mark paper in Calculus, one mark away from full mark in Algebra and the only student getting Excellence in Probability and all 3 papers. Also for coming second in my chemistry exam which I full on just fluked, and got pay back at my science teacher who has been bitching to people about me that I would fail my exams. Pshhhh, bitch please. Though I will update that story next time. Anyways the keyboard is just so cool! I literally carry my iPad and keyboard everywhere.

Other than Apple tablets, my grandparents got me a drawing tablet from China during their last holiday. I have heard so much about how comfortable it is to use a tablet to draw on the computer and now I can experience it myself. I used GIMP a free image manipulation software, because I am to cheap to get Photoshop. My anime master Hannah-chan and RA, both recommend me a free drawing software called SAI, which I am about to test out after this blog. So I'll post later on about how that went and maybe start posting some drawings from now on.

Other than my update on my technological life, I have a small story to share about my love ~ life.

This is CHIBI, well that's what I call him. I don't know if I am allowed to blog in his name....


Well he can tell me when he reads this.

Anyways long story short:

I love him <3

However "sister before, mister," spending time with my 2 besties is also something super special to me. During the year the time we got to spend together got shorter and shorter, because of our busy lives and our own relationships. Which made us enjoy ever moment we have together even more.

Got my Christmas present early from Seryna. Thank you! The lip balm smell so good, it's so tempting to taste it.

Today I got to spend the whole day with Seryna and Anh. Watching "Barbie and the Three Masketeers," yes... three 16 year old teens watching Barbie movies together, we also had yum cha (Chinese Fooooood) and just wondered around.

We have been best friends for around 4 years now and we finally decide to get "acknowledged" friendship bracelets. Yes, Seryna I stalk your blog. Your friendship bracelet are very special :) I just need to go get them back from the workshop. Anyways the photos of our friendship bracelet are on my buddies blog,  so go check them out if you want. They are pretty awesome friendship bracelets and we've decided to add more charms as years pass, because we ain't that rich ok. Also check out Seryna's blog while your at it. It's honestly amazing!!!

Anyways it's 1 in the morning now so I am going to bed. I'll test out SAI tomorrow. Good night~