Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Keeping Life Busy

When I was younger, my grandma got me into the habit to always plan ahead. This kept me organised and to always have something to do. I believe that it is important to always be productive,  because that way I know I am making the most out of my life. However I think at the moment my body can't keep up with my productivity....

Saturday was a big day, because me and the robotics teams had to meet up at school at 7:30 am... I am definitely not an early morning person. We got to school super early to participate in the 2013 Auckland VEX Robotics Scrimmage. Not everyone in the teams turned up on the day, so the five of us (David, Isaiah, Alvin, Felix and I) has to compete with our two robots.

It was a great opportunity to see our robots in action and meet other contestants from other schools around Auckland. Our team 2 robot was OP on the day XD

After a number of rounds in the qualifying rounds, our team 1 was ranked 4th and team 2 was ranked 1st on the leader board. Then we choose our alliances and competed in the quarter and semi finals. After winning all those rounds, our two teams went from teammates to rivals. Battling out for first and second place for the day.

The results from best out of three rounds, our team 2 gained victory with first place and our team 1 gained second place. Hooray!! Our two drivers Felix and Isaiah were amazing ^ ^

It was a really stressful day, because of our robots lack in battery life. A lot of running back and forth from our charging station was required. The last thing we wanted was for our robot to ran out of battery during the matches. However overall it was an awesome day, since both our teams were noobs at this competition and our results were not expected.

After we returned to school around 4:30 pm, I had to rush home and get ready for Anh's 17th birthday party. At the time I was very exhausted and hungry. Also there was a dress code (that not everyone followed) that we had to come in a dress. Which wasn't really what I am most comfortable with, but for Anh I didn't have much of a choice...

I didn't take much photos on the night, because we had enough photographers and I was to lazy. It was a good night with lots of food, laughs and photos taken.

Photos with the birthday girl :) and a photo that I liked teehee~

 I really wanted to try the Aloe range from The Body Shop. So I purchased a travel kit to try out some of their products and if I like them then I can go back and purchase the full size bottles. Here I have the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, Aloe Calming Toner and Aloe Soothing Day Cream. Which are recommended for sensitive skin. So I can't wait to try these out. :)

On Sunday me, Seryna and Anh planned to go swimming together. However Anh choose to stay home after a long day turning 17. So that just left me and Seryna going to the pools in New Market. I swam laps while Seryna was in the recreational lane tumbling with her brothers. At around 1.2km in 20 mins I got bored so me and Seryna got changed and went browsing through some shops.

We came across a newly opened Hello Kitty Cafe!! OMG it was so cute :3
I ordered a tropical mango smoothie and Seryna ordered a mocha and cupcake.
A great way to spend the evening.

And of course I have been regularly attending basketball training. However, today after training ended at around 6pm, me and some of the guys decided to join Alan and Wen at the cinemas to watch Iron Man 3. It was a late notice, so we all rushed home and got ready to catch the 7pm screening. We were not informed until we got there that it was in 3D and obviously we didn't go prepared, so we had to purchase new glasses... Anyways the movie was great and so sad that the story line ended T^T *tears*

OMG the holidays are almost over and I still haven't done any school work O_O I'm screwed.....

The Versatile Blogger Awards

Hmmm, I'm not to sure what the Versatile Blogger Award is? However I was nominated by Seryna : http://stopmotionwords.blogspot.co.nz/ and Moeka : http://breakingcities.blogspot.co.nz/ . So thank you very much   and now I shall do my share of this nomination :)

The Rules: 
1) Firstly you are to thank the person who nominated you.
2) On your post, include a link to their blog.
3) Select 15 blogs you've recently discovered or follow regularly
4) Nominate those Bloggers for the Versatile Award! leave a link on their page and comment on their latest post to let them know they've been nominated.
5) Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 

My Nominations:

O dear... is it a problem that I can't think of 15 bloggers O_O

Seryna : http://stopmotionwords.blogspot.co.nz/

Moeka : http://breakingcities.blogspot.co.nz/

Ananya : http://styleandskulls.blogspot.co.nz/

Linda : http://lookitslinda.blogspot.co.nz/

Jenny : http://jennyandherdiary.blogspot.co.nz/

Emily : http://wishonadream.blogspot.co.nz

Abbie : http://haiabbieslifehai.blogspot.co.nz/

About me:

1) I can speak fluently in Mandarin, but I can't read or write in any form of Chinese. (disgraceful, I know...)

2) I enjoy munching on raw tomatoes, but other people find it really weird.

3) I am ridiculously afraid of insects, especially spiders.

4) I often rewrite my notes when I think the presentation is not perfect enough. (a really bad habit, because it wastes a lot of my time...)

5) I have a really weak sense of smell.

6) I am super obsessed with cute Asian products such as stationery, lifestyle, accessories, etc.

7) Other than my school uniform, it is very rare for me to wear any form of dresses or skirts.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Define The Word "Holiday"

(excuse the weird expression, I just wanted to show my eyes...)

Huge face palm moment today... I decided to purchase coloured contacts for the first time. So I bought some purple contacts when I went around the city today with Seryna. I was really looking forward to trying them on when I got home until I realised I purchased them with the wrong prescriptions to my eyes =_="

I was so confident that I was -2.75 in both eyes while I was in the shop, but when I got home to check my clear contacts that I get from my optometrist, I was so disappointed to see -3.75 on my packets... why am I SO STUPID!! That didn't stop me from try them on though and I really liked them. Which made me feel even more depressed, because I know I can't wear them out *cry*.

At the city I also got false lashes, lash glue, lash cases, eye lid glue (for Anh) and my favourite buy of the day,  black liquid eye liner from Dolly Wink. Just to be clear, here I got two sets of some things which are apart of Anh's birthday present :)
*Note to Anh: if you see this post, well.... act surprised on the day you get them kk.

And here are some random stuff that I needed...
 I bought small bottles and containers, so some of my skin care stuff can be travel size for when I go school, because I need to get into a habit of washing my face after basketball training. The only piece of clothing that I purchased today was a grey long sleeves top with a panda on it, from Valleygirl. (the top exists in the first photo on this post, however you can't really see it)

Sigh... My holiday just started this week and I have been sooooo busy...

Day 1:  Monday 
Fully cleaned my room! Hooray!!

Day 2: Tuesday
I had basketball training in the morning and after training, David, Felix and I went to Anna's place for lunch. It was a cooking date that Anna, Henry and I had delayed since last year. David and Felix tagged along to be the tasting judges and so we had our mini version of My Kitchen Rules.
(I forgot to take pictures...sorry)

Day 3: Wednesday
I spent the whole day at school in the dry lab to work on robotics. Our first scrimmage is this Saturday, so we had to get our robots working. David, Felix and I had a lunch break at Botany Junction, feasting on pies, burgers, chips, soft drinks, fraps and sweets. The weather was terrible to walk through though...

Day 4: Thursday (Today)
I went shopping in the city with Seryna :D
(for more photos visit Seryna's blog, because I was to lazy to take any pictures)

Hopefully I can post on Saturday, since it's an intense day for me. I need to compete in the robotics scrimmage during the day (GO OSC!!) and then attend Anh's 17th birthday party during the night.

Anh, your oldie XP
Some other parts of Anh's present :)

Not to mention all the homework that I need to do this holiday. *cry* This is not what you call a holiday...
LOL, deceiving myself to make my to homework look more enjoyable XP

The Bad Weather

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Earphones Immune Me From Salesmans

I was stalking a butterfly in the garden of swan plants today. I thought it was really pretty and started taking photos of it. Then it decided to fly at me, which made me scream... O right, I'm still deathly afraid of bugs.

Is it a wallet? No, it's a phone case :D

I decided to go to the Pakranga Night Market to pick up this cutie today. What made me get it was because, from the last time I went with Sabrina, she got one for her mum. I really liked it too and I thought it would be very convenient when I just need to bring my essentials for school, training and running errands.

In the phone case: Samsung Galaxy S3, ASB eftpos card, Student ID, Driver Licence and Cash

You know your parents have abandoned you when have to go buy your own toothpaste... T^T *cry*

I'm an awkward turtle around strangers and while I went around botany alone today, what I was most afraid of are the sales men and sales women in the shops. I always failed at trying to reject them on the spot when they recommend me stuff that I don't need. When that happens, it gets really awkward once they've gone through the effort to introduce something to me and I don't want to buy it... I feel really bad then, because I just wasted 5 minutes of their life.

However today was different, because I decided to wear my earphones the whole time while I was shopping and the magic happened O_O No one came up to me to offer help :) I feel so anti-social, but it works! I didn't even have music on half the time too. I guess it's kind of impolite to be ignoring people in public, but at less I saved 5 minutes of the sales peoples' lives.

I felt like spending today... Chibi almost told me off =.="

Falsies Volume Express Mascara. from Maybelline, my eyelashes don't exist, so I though I would treat myself to some good mascara.

Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover, from Neutrogena, because obviously you'll need that if you're going to use water proof mascara...

Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion with SPF 15, from The Body Shop, I finished my Missha Aqua Hydrating Emulsion, so I decided to try another brand.

Dream Fresh BB, from Maybelline, this wasn't on my 'to get list', but I thought I'd give it a try.

It's getting chilly now and my old denim skinny jeans needed to retire.

I own a pair of the same skinny jeans, but in black. Which was a birthday present from my sister. She got them for $50 last year and these were originally $50 as well, but was on special today for $20.

Yes, size 10... but I'm a happy fatty :D

Preparation for hibernation!!

Yellow and orange are my favourite colours ^ ^

Soft Bed Socks, $3, Made In Korea

I can't seem to find my 2 old pairs...
Kuroko and Tetsuya No.2, from Kuroko no basket
Kuroko is awesome >.< that's why my basketball uniform is number 11 too XD

Only one more week before term 1 school holidays :)