Thursday, 25 April 2013

Define The Word "Holiday"

(excuse the weird expression, I just wanted to show my eyes...)

Huge face palm moment today... I decided to purchase coloured contacts for the first time. So I bought some purple contacts when I went around the city today with Seryna. I was really looking forward to trying them on when I got home until I realised I purchased them with the wrong prescriptions to my eyes =_="

I was so confident that I was -2.75 in both eyes while I was in the shop, but when I got home to check my clear contacts that I get from my optometrist, I was so disappointed to see -3.75 on my packets... why am I SO STUPID!! That didn't stop me from try them on though and I really liked them. Which made me feel even more depressed, because I know I can't wear them out *cry*.

At the city I also got false lashes, lash glue, lash cases, eye lid glue (for Anh) and my favourite buy of the day,  black liquid eye liner from Dolly Wink. Just to be clear, here I got two sets of some things which are apart of Anh's birthday present :)
*Note to Anh: if you see this post, well.... act surprised on the day you get them kk.

And here are some random stuff that I needed...
 I bought small bottles and containers, so some of my skin care stuff can be travel size for when I go school, because I need to get into a habit of washing my face after basketball training. The only piece of clothing that I purchased today was a grey long sleeves top with a panda on it, from Valleygirl. (the top exists in the first photo on this post, however you can't really see it)

Sigh... My holiday just started this week and I have been sooooo busy...

Day 1:  Monday 
Fully cleaned my room! Hooray!!

Day 2: Tuesday
I had basketball training in the morning and after training, David, Felix and I went to Anna's place for lunch. It was a cooking date that Anna, Henry and I had delayed since last year. David and Felix tagged along to be the tasting judges and so we had our mini version of My Kitchen Rules.
(I forgot to take pictures...sorry)

Day 3: Wednesday
I spent the whole day at school in the dry lab to work on robotics. Our first scrimmage is this Saturday, so we had to get our robots working. David, Felix and I had a lunch break at Botany Junction, feasting on pies, burgers, chips, soft drinks, fraps and sweets. The weather was terrible to walk through though...

Day 4: Thursday (Today)
I went shopping in the city with Seryna :D
(for more photos visit Seryna's blog, because I was to lazy to take any pictures)

Hopefully I can post on Saturday, since it's an intense day for me. I need to compete in the robotics scrimmage during the day (GO OSC!!) and then attend Anh's 17th birthday party during the night.

Anh, your oldie XP
Some other parts of Anh's present :)

Not to mention all the homework that I need to do this holiday. *cry* This is not what you call a holiday...
LOL, deceiving myself to make my to homework look more enjoyable XP

The Bad Weather

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  1. WHAT IF YOU BUY -1 glasses to go with them?? Haha I kid, at least next time you'll know c:

    1. I do have my old glasses that can go with me :D bwahaha yeah next time XP

  2. I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award

  3. I also nominated you for the versatile blogger award ^^