Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Zoo Trip With The Coasties

I finally have my hands on a laptop while I'm in Melbourne, so here's another late post.

So a day before I had to fly to Melbourne, Anh invited me along to a Zoo trip with the old coast buddies. The day before I actually caught no sleep at all omg... So I was so tired =_=" So after the long day I just collapse on my bed after being awake for around 28 hours...

Coast for life :D

Friday, 10 January 2014

Double Ramen Date

This is a super late post, sorry... I've just been so busy due to my last minute decision to fly over to Melbourne for a few days. Anyways I started my New Year with satisfying my craving for ramen. As you may have realised Japanese food definitely has a special shot in my heart and stomach :3

Chibi and I tried out the teriyaki chicken ramen at the food court in Botany, it was really worth it's money for the amount of teriyaki chicken we got O_O