Friday, 10 January 2014

Double Ramen Date

This is a super late post, sorry... I've just been so busy due to my last minute decision to fly over to Melbourne for a few days. Anyways I started my New Year with satisfying my craving for ramen. As you may have realised Japanese food definitely has a special shot in my heart and stomach :3

Chibi and I tried out the teriyaki chicken ramen at the food court in Botany, it was really worth it's money for the amount of teriyaki chicken we got O_O

Seryna, Anh and I have been trying to plan dates to hang out and shop for ages now. Sadly, not to Seryna and my surprise, Anh eventually wasn't able to make it once again... We changed up our usual hangout and went the extra mile to go to Manukau Shopping Center, where Seryna and I was accompanied by our other halves.

We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant that Shiv recommended, where Chibi ordered Chicken Katsu

Both me and Seryna got ramen. I ended up with chicken when I ordered beef... Ehhh, it's still good food though XP

Seryna hanging with Bei Bei as she's going to have to look after him while I'm off to Melbourne.

Just an update on a bit of my New Years shopping.
I bought a laptop case from Typo (though I doesn't own a laptop), which fits my drawing tablet perfectly!

My major wishlist item has finally come true! I bought it with my paycheck from helping out at my family friends store last month. When I purchased this blue solo HD, I thought to myself that they must be charging me so much because of the over packaging. Though later in the day when I saw my nephew fully standing on the box, I was so grateful that the box was able to hold his weight.

Since I don't have ear piercings, ear cuffs are the closes things I got for wanting to accessorise my ears.

After a whole year Seryna finally couldn't take it anymore that I've only been wearing that one pair of mint shorts from Dotti. So finally the sales are back and I purchased another pair of shorts from Dotti. This is the first pair of high waisted shorts that I've owned and I love them :D 

I also bought a pair of shoes that was on sale at Hannahs. These have like a hidden heel and they are super comfortable.

Just wanted to share with you guys my family friend's pretty flowers ^ ^

Anyways sorry for the late post... I still have another one that I need to get up soon DX
At the moment I'm in Melbourne staying with my Aunty for a few days to just hang out. It's been so long since I've gone anywhere out of this country so I have been super excited and I can't wait to blog about it soon.

However before that I've got a post about my zoo trip with Chibi, Anh and so Coast buddies.
See ya soon :)

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