Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sabrina's Surprise Birthday Party

Today we begin the mission that we've been planning for a month now.

I believe this is the first time I'm doing an OOTD??? It's just rare to find me in a dress, so yeah, enjoy :3

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day

For the past week I've been helping out at my family friend's store, which explains the lack of blogging. While I was at the store occasionally I had to watch the toys that were set up outside for display. So as I got bored I came across a balloon animal pack and this is what happens. I made the animals and when some kids ask for it I generously handed it over however maybe 15 seconds down the street I would here a pop... Sigh, made in China... Hope I didn't scare the poor kid.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chibi's Birthday

Today's Chibi's 17th Birthday, so me, Seryna, Sabrina and the guys spend the day at Botany celebrating. The day started of with just us running some Christmas shopping errands with Chibi then when it reached noon we meet up with the guys at Nando's to have lunch.

The guys digged in before I could get a photo... Anyways it was a satisfying lunch though it was embarrassing that I couldn't take the heat.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Water Fight With The Dogs

 So today I went over to Sabrina's house to hangout during the afternoon. Chibi tagged along for a bit so I could apply a screen protector on his phone.

While we were waiting outside Sabrina's house, because I assumed she was home... I caught a nice photo of Chibi!!! Mwahaha take in the cuteness XP 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Capture The Moment

Yesterday the weather was great so I decided to go swimming and Chibi was able to come along too :)
We had a good hour swim, realising our terrible fitness and that it's gonna get us killed when off season training comes along. Afterwards we had lunch at Carl's Junior and I got to open my Christmas gift.

The next three photos were taken by Chibi's phone, because he wanted to prove that it was better than my camera. His LG g2 has a 13MP rear camera and my camera is 12.1MP... Smartphones these days =_=

O gosh... I'm getting spoiled by Chibi >.<

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sushi and BBQ

I promised treating Sabrina to sushi since like term 3? Anyways finally I made my promise and treated her to Daruma Sushi Go-Around, mMmmm...

"Garlic Mayo Prawns Nagiri"

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Movies & Typo

On Monday Seryna and I went to spend the day with Anh at her place. We got out some movies from video ezy to kill time, but Seryna had to head home early so we didn't get through many...I picked out Just Wright  and Forbidden Kingdom and Seryna picked out the rest. I really enjoyed Forbidden Kingdom, because it stared a lot of my favourite Chinese actors. Chibi did tell me before hand that he's seen it and it didn't make sense to him, which I understand now as the film refers to the classic drama "Journey To The West".

Just some stuff I purchased from Typo that day.

"Today is going to be a great day!" 1L bottle

I am yet to name my new friend :D

Desk organizer for my mail

~ my nail for the day ~

A Bloggers Date

On Sunday I tagged along to Seryna and Ananya's photo shoot arranged by a photographer, Amanda. We met up with her in the city around noon and wrapped it in around an hour's time. It was an enjoyable experience helping them hold the reflector thing while watching the girls show off their inner modelling skills. Afterwards we had a few hours to go shopping before Seryna's mum came to pick us up. As bloggers of course we were documenting the whole shopping experience.

We came across a Moustache Cafe where we were drawn by its cuteness, however after entering and taking enough pictures we ended up not purchasing anything.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Odds Are Never In Our Favour

Today I was suppose to take more photos, but I forgot sorry...
Today Chibi finally finished his last exam so the guys, him and I went to watch The Hunger Games, Catching Fire!!! The visual affects were amazing and omg the tears T^T Now I can't wait for <--Mockingjay--<<

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Date With Me, Myself And I

Apparently it is healthy to take yourself on a date once in a while, so last weekend I got to go shopping in the city and here are so of my buys.

From the Japanese cosmetic store, Ippondo, I restocked on my Dolly Wink black liquid liner. This is my first and the only black liquid liner that I have used and it works great for me. When I was at the store I couldn't find them on the shelves and when I asked the store owner she said they have ones without packaging that are on special. Talk about LUCK! So she grabbed one for me from the storage and it was for $15.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

That Is My Ninja Way

Happy Halloween Everyone :)

It's definitely been a while since I've gone trick or treating, as I thought I was getting to old for it. However this year I had an excuse where I went along with Seryna and Anh, accompanying their younger siblings. I dressed up as a ninja or to be specific a member of the Uchiha Clan from Naruto, this is where I got to try out some new stuff that I've recently got from Armageddon.

Seryna dressed up as a Minion:
Anh dressed up as Red Riding-hood:

Ehhh... my fail hand signs here... man, I need to learn to take better photos >.<
Here I'm accessorising an all black outfit with my leaf head band, shiruken and kunai necklace and my awesome Sasuke Uchiha's Sword, which I found out is called the Sword of Kusanagi.
I did originally thought it would have been cool to draw and edit in some effects, but I'm kinda rushing the post. Hmmm maybe next time.

 I had a calculus tutorial after school today, so I meet up with the group a little bit later than planned. It started raining soon after a few houses, so we decided to just head back to Seryna's to sort out the photos and take some more. I only got like four pieces of candy (sad life), so I stole Anh's basket to take a photo XP

McCafe Macarons!!!
- Passion Fruit - Caramel - Blueberry - Watermelon - Strawberry - Coffee -

My last encounter with McCafe Macarons weren't that great, because I found them too chewy compared to the standard of melting in the mouth. However I gave them another chance, so I bought them without looking at the flavours just to have fun trying to guess them instead. To my surprise this batch is so much better! The blueberry and strawberry one was definitely to die for. If only I knew how to bake or even cook for the matter of fact... Oh, maybe next time I'll tell you about the several attempts where I had almost burnt down the house due to me being in the kitchen. Yeah, it just doesn't seem like the place was meant for me.

Anyways my second package has still yet to arrive! (cry) I wonder where it is right now... Shipping is so confusing D: I have yet to give my present to Monynna and I even have all the wrapping ready for it to arrive. Sigh... I really want to post about the stuff I got >.< Hopefully it will be in the next post (fingers crossed)

See you then :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

World Of Cosplay At Armageddon 2013

Yesterday I went to Armageddon in Auckland for the first time and I cosplayed as Minnie Mouse. I got the ears and gloves from Disneyland in LA years ago and god knows how long I have I had that dress O_O I wore my two tone cat stockings and Mickey Mouse print shoes. It was definitely awkward getting to the ASB show ground since I had to go by public transport at 8:30 in the morning!

I went along with the guys, but they weren't so keen on photos, but Chibi didn't have much of a choice. Mwahahaha. He was gonna wear my pikachu hat, but that didn't last very long...

Attack On Titans Military Scouting Legion (kyaaa! fan girl moment, drool...)
 I chickened out so many times when I wanted to take photos with other cosplayers... Though it didn't stop me from stalking them throughout the day >:)

Vampire Knight, Zero! and Yuki?
 When I do manage to approach some of them, the photos the guys took for me were all blurry expect for this one!  Thanks guys, thanks... -_-" I should have worn my gloves in this photo, aghh so many regrets... and why was I holding a bag DX

Anyways it was overall a great experience and heaps of fun. I wasn't a huge fan of all the gaming consoles available for us to try out, but the amount of cosplayers kept me busy. My durability wasn't that strong as you can see I posted a day after the event, because I just knocked myself out once I got home. I even found out where my extra pen nibs for my tablet were hidden when I visited the Wacom stall, because it never explained on the packaging where they were. It was definitely a mind blown moment.

 ~my buy of the day~
As you can see I kinda gravitated towards the jewellery section... I actually didn't get much stuff, surprisingly. I did consider buying this huge chibi pikachu, but in the end I talked myself out of it, because I didn't really like the fabric. Me and the guys did come across Kagami Taiga's Serin uniform costume, but it was dam expensive and there wasn't any other uniforms of the Generation Of Miracles.

Shuriken & Kunai Necklace with the Leaf Village symbol from Naruto
It's actually pretty sharp...
$15 each or 2 for $25

Kirito's sword, Elucidator from Sword Arts Online
Also pretty sharp. Sigh... knowing my clumsiness, I swear I'm gonna eventually hurt myself with these accessories.
I got this with my Shuriken & Kunai Neckalce for the deal, $15 each or 2 for $25

Celestial Spirit Gate Of The Lion Key, from Fairy Tail
I came across the other star signs at one of the Hobby Zone stalls, but I had to go to two other Hobby Zone stalls to find this one. I got the Leo one, because that is my star sign (typical...) and Loki is also my favourite character from Fairy Tail (bonus!).
$10 each.

Sasuke's Sword with the Uchiha Clan symbol from Naruto.
This was a last minute purchase, before me and the guys were leaving. It was on a special from $88 to $39, but I was still being picky, because most of them were scratched and bruised pretty badly... hehe maybe next time I can cosplay as an Uchiha Clan member.

Hmmm, kinda regretting at the moment about not buying any posters or scrolls now.

Weel, that is all for today, hopefully I'll have a post about Halloween later in the week and that my second package from Yesstyle would have arrived. See you then :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

BB or CC?

Yesstyle Thank You Card and Free Samples
Yay!!! My first package from Yesstyle came a few days ago. Compared to my order last year that took more than a month, this is a huge improvement in shipping. There's still another package coming so hopefully that will be here in a few days. It's great that Yesstyle extended their free shipping promotion and that they are having sales in their huge beauty department for Halloween. So how can I say no? XP It's so difficult to find Asian brand cosmetics in New Zealand.

My first every CC Cream (Correct and Care) from Etude House, Silky.
Sigh... I just had to get tanned the other day =_= It's slightly whiter for my current skin but I can still pull it off once it oxidizes more during the day. The other CC cream from Etude House is Glow, which it for dryer skin, while Silk is for more oily skin.
It has 8 skin benefits:
-Anti-aging (apparently it's better to start preventing than after you get aging signs)
-Stress Relieving (hmmmm I don't feel it...)
-Hydrating (well I tested it out today at school and it lasted the whole day without drying my skin, but I think Chibi kinda rubbed majority of it off before the day ended...)
-Whitening (it's only been the first day so I can't tell)
-Sun Protection, SPF 30/PA++ (I usually never use sunscreen, but ever since me sun burn incident I think I should start using it now)
-Tone Up (what does that mean O.O?)
-Smooth Texture (I guess it's like a primer as well)
-Luminosity (it gave me a slight white cast...)

Skin 79, VIP Gold Collection Super + BB Cream (Blemish Balm)
I've always wanted to get this!!! Mwahahaha, but I haven't tried this out yet.

88 Ultra Shimmer Palette from Coastal Scents
I'm a noob, when it comes to makeup, but I get to play around with colours :D
Also this year I'm going to Armageddon for the first time and I've decided to cosplay. However I have a limited choice between my Pikachu onesie or my Minnie Mouse costume that I got from Disneyland years ago. I do own a hidden left village headband, but I don't have any other ninja accessories to go with it... Hopefully I an do some shopping at Armageddon, but apparently it's super over priced T^T

Skin 79 BB Cream Miniature Set: Triple Function, VIP Gold, Diamond Collection, Diamond Collection Pearl   
Even though I bought the VIP Gold, I was still curious about the other BB creams by Skin 79. So I thought this pack would be perfect to try them out and the miniature VIP Gold can be a travel size for my bag.

I've recently submitted my prototype that I developed during my Industrial Design Class at school.
Shishiodoshi (Dear Chaser)

Today I restocked on my Simple Cleansing Facial Wipe & I've been wanting to these purchase these hair treatments for a while now. Since my hair is finally getting long again, I need to start looking after my hair better to be healthy and hopefully make it grow quicker.

I haven't styled my hair with heat other than using my hair dyer for a really long time now. However, I still occasionally find split ends, because I always need to blow dry my hair in the morning. So I decided to purchase this Moroccanoil treatment. I was unsure about whether to purchase the 25ml or the 200ml when the bigger size bottle is only twice the price with 8 times the product. However I wasn't sure if I would be committed to this product, so I just stuck with the smaller bottle  =_=

 Tomorrow I'll be going to Armageddon in Auckland for the very first time! This is a hint on my cosplay outfit, however depending on the whether I might decided not to dress up, since I'm going to be travelling by public transport. So fingers crossed that I can dress up tomorrow and hopefully I'll post tomorrow about my experience.

See you then :3

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Absorbing The Warmth

 Yesterday was Monynna's Sweet 16th Birthday, where we spend the day at Mission Bay. It was pretty cold during noon where we got soaked in a water fight and later on headed for a swim. 

The sun finally started doing it's job when the afternoon came around and everyone just spent that time bathing in the sun. As the genius that I am, I decided to not use sunblock on this fine day, where I ended up experiencing my first ever sunburn... Sigh... I sure learnt my lesson learnt, from the pain on my back right now.

 Unfortunately I couldn't attend the party later on at Monynna's (sob), because a family friend invited my parents to go over for dinner and I still don't understand why I had to go. At least their new puppy kept me company while the Asian gossip went on through the night.

 Today I had plans to go shopping to pick up some stuff and study at the library with Chibi. Unfortunately that didn't work out, but I still got to go to Noel Leeming to pick up my Intuos Creative Pen and Touch Tablet that I have had been dreaming about for weeks!

Its the Intuos Pen and Touch 5 in Medium. Also for all those Slam Dunk fans, Kaede Rukawa is so sexy!!
(Hope Chibi doesn't see this though...)

The unboxing!!! It's beautiful, sniff (tears of joy)

 Now my workspace is perfect :3

Also unfortunately my package that I mentioned in my previous post hasn't arrived yet, which meant I can't blog about it yet and it also resulted to Monynna getting her present from me later. Arghhh, should have guessed... you can't trust that shipping would be on time. However hopefully my next post would be about it.

See you then :)