Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chibi's Birthday

Today's Chibi's 17th Birthday, so me, Seryna, Sabrina and the guys spend the day at Botany celebrating. The day started of with just us running some Christmas shopping errands with Chibi then when it reached noon we meet up with the guys at Nando's to have lunch.

The guys digged in before I could get a photo... Anyways it was a satisfying lunch though it was embarrassing that I couldn't take the heat.

After lunch the gang split up to do some separate shopping, etc. We then catch a movie at 2:20pm, "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2". Originally the plan was "The Deliveryman", but the screening time was too late. Then Seryna and Sabrina headed home while me and the guys went to Xtreme.

 Basketball Showdown!!! Idk who won though... Unfortunately they were moving too fast and I not very good with my camera.

Also for the first time in my life a follower on my blog recognized me in public :D
At that moment I was so amazed, like wow she knows me O_O and know I feel bad for not asking for her name or taking a photo with her... but yeah, it totally made my day, thank you :)

Here are some poloroid photos from today and you may notice the top, middle photo that Chibi decided to troll... *cringe

I gave a photo of us, taken perfectly by the lovely Seryna, to Chibi for his wallet.

We munched on macaroons on our trip home and now that i think back we're actually not allowed to eat on the bus. So sorry D: lol 

 You would have seen these mouth watering goodies in a post a while back. This time the flavours were chocolate, strawberry, mango, candy cane, cappuccino and blueberry.

Just so close ups, by the way they were a pack of 6 for $11.

Today I bought a pack of ear cuffs from Diva that was on special for $3. I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't have any piercings *gasp, lol. Anyways so when I saw the silver and a gold ear cuffs, I thought it would be fun to try them. Sadly I already lost the gold one when I half heartedly placed the pack in my bag.

In the end I was only left with just this...

Then I noticed a small hole on the ear cuff so I thought I'll take the opportunity and do a little DIY. In the first selfie photo, I tried it on and me like. Also afterwards I thought I could replace the bobby pin with a bow so the end of the chain could hid behind it.

Anyways I may try this for school next year and since I'm not willing to commit to piercings, I think ear cuffs are a nice alternative for another type of accessories.

Hope this post wasn't to long, hehe XP
See ya :)


  1. aww! i'll comment to let you know its me ^_^ my names Moeka c:

    1. Omg I'm so sorry, I didn't recognise you from your hair cut D: your 'shave for canteen' was very inspirational and brave :')

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    3. aw! hahahahah it's understandable :P and thank you! happy new year x

  2. I like the diy *thumbs up* also, I love that man's face in between you and fee on the bus :L

    1. I was considering covering his face with a flower or something XP but ehhh it takes some skills to photobomb so well without knowing XD

  3. Hey there, completely IN-LOVE with your blog, just followed you on GFC (25), would love if you follow back :)


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    1. Why thank you ^ ^ and sure I'd love to follow you back :)