Thursday, 12 December 2013

Water Fight With The Dogs

 So today I went over to Sabrina's house to hangout during the afternoon. Chibi tagged along for a bit so I could apply a screen protector on his phone.

While we were waiting outside Sabrina's house, because I assumed she was home... I caught a nice photo of Chibi!!! Mwahaha take in the cuteness XP 

Later on I decided to take Sabrina's dog, Romeo, (which you may find familiar and that is because, Seryna was his ex-owner) and of course Sabrina herself, to my sister's place where they have a miniature poodle called QQ. They became friends after running laps around the garden, though it seems like Romeo is a bit of a bully.

 It was super hot today, so my brother in law decided to have a water fight... I didn't want to risk getting my camera wet so this is the only shot. However I did manage to just dodge a bucket full of water that was coming at me and my sister, phew. Though my sister and the two dogs got drenched, hehe. Also here you can see my poor nephew getting a cold shower =_=

Sabrina fed me KFC for dinner :D 

Hehe, this gentleman opened the door for me so I thought I'd keep this memory -^ ^-

 Also this was something I forgot to post about yesterday. So during my Mission Heights Junior College years, there was always this sweet grape candy smell in the girls changing room after P.E classes. I've always been curious where the source was coming from and while I was at the Warehouse yesterday, I found it! This hello kitty body mist was the smell, though it says bubblegum, I imagine those Asian hard grape candies when I come across this scent. It's beautiful (tears of joy).


  1. Cute summer ♥ annd Romeo is still cute I see ;)

    1. I'll let you know to come along next time :)