Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Movies & Typo

On Monday Seryna and I went to spend the day with Anh at her place. We got out some movies from video ezy to kill time, but Seryna had to head home early so we didn't get through many...I picked out Just Wright  and Forbidden Kingdom and Seryna picked out the rest. I really enjoyed Forbidden Kingdom, because it stared a lot of my favourite Chinese actors. Chibi did tell me before hand that he's seen it and it didn't make sense to him, which I understand now as the film refers to the classic drama "Journey To The West".

Just some stuff I purchased from Typo that day.

"Today is going to be a great day!" 1L bottle

I am yet to name my new friend :D

Desk organizer for my mail

~ my nail for the day ~


  1. Those drink bottles have been really popular lately ... I think I want one xD and wow, how did you do your nails so neatly?

    1. I'm not surprise haha. I thought it's capacity would be great for when I start off season training again so I had to get it XP hmmm and for the nails... patience and tape lol XD

  2. cute blog you have here, ive just been scrolling through your posts and they are lovely!
    and awesome buys, will have to check out those movies! and omg i just love love love your nails, i need to try that style with the glitter tips!
    anyway, following you now :)


    ♥ Ellen
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    1. nawww thank you :) yeah go ahead, I think they suit the holiday spirit pretty well :D