Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day

For the past week I've been helping out at my family friend's store, which explains the lack of blogging. While I was at the store occasionally I had to watch the toys that were set up outside for display. So as I got bored I came across a balloon animal pack and this is what happens. I made the animals and when some kids ask for it I generously handed it over however maybe 15 seconds down the street I would here a pop... Sigh, made in China... Hope I didn't scare the poor kid.

Anyways I had Christmas Day off so I manage to have some photos to share.

This was some Polaroids taken from Christmas Eve dinner with my family.

The next day was obviously Christmas and for the 6th year in a row, I spend it with Katie's family (the family friend that I help out at the store for). Happy 6th year anniversary <3
This was the only photo we both posed properly for, but Katie blinked!!! As always, we went to yum cha for lunch with her family and then the afternoon was for us to spend. The only difference this year compare to other years is that we can both drive now, which automatically increased our options.

 ~ some selfies from yum cha ~

We ended up at Momo tea for afternoon tea, where I brought along Seryna and Chibi. Alan and Alvin also came along after I unintentionally tricked them out into join us at Xtreme, which wasn't even open that day.

Seryna enjoying her meal cause she hadn't had lunch yet. 

We ended up going to the beach in Howick and these guys wouldn't even take a proper photo * frustrated.

Seryna caught a derp photo of me XP 

I'm so happy my two close friends clicked so well for meeting each other for the first time *tears of joy :')

A few more Polaroids for the day.

The weather then turned a little grey after joining Katie's family for dinner, but the sky still gifted us a rainbow for the day.

Here are some Christmas gifts that I got :D

Then the day I've been waiting for.... BOXING DAY!!!
However I actually had work that day, but my boss (Katie's mum) let me and Katie of early to go shopping at Sylvia Park. I was warned about the craziness there that day, however we arrived around 6pm when the hype was starting to die down. So lucky for us to get parking right away. We shopped for a good like 2 hours I believe, but basically till the stores closed on us.
My purchases was basically all from Cotton On body, because everything worth fighting over at other stores was basically gone. I didn't spend much that night, but I'm happy with my buys. I got 2 sports shorts that are in such cute colours and the rest are inner clothing...

I got a Nomad Traveler from Typo.

 I has a filter for my tea, SOLD :D

 We finished shopping around 9 and headed to Momo tea for super late dinner. I ordered Ma Po Tofu (Seryna's order on Christmas Day) and Peach Green Tea, mMmmm ~

So that's how my three days went, hehe.
I'll be posting more regularly once this month is over and I'll be freeee!!!

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  1. *cries cries* all these Boxing Day hauls and I missed out TnT