Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Bloggers Date

On Sunday I tagged along to Seryna and Ananya's photo shoot arranged by a photographer, Amanda. We met up with her in the city around noon and wrapped it in around an hour's time. It was an enjoyable experience helping them hold the reflector thing while watching the girls show off their inner modelling skills. Afterwards we had a few hours to go shopping before Seryna's mum came to pick us up. As bloggers of course we were documenting the whole shopping experience.

We came across a Moustache Cafe where we were drawn by its cuteness, however after entering and taking enough pictures we ended up not purchasing anything.

Every time I visit the city I always head to Ippondo. While I was there I bought Anh and Seryna their Christmas presents and treated myself to another pair of Dollywink false lashes that came with free glue.

Great timing catching this moment XP

~ Glasson's interior design is so pretty ~

~ feeling the holiday spirit ~

Meeting a new friend Mr Bones in "Smith and Caughey's" 

We decided to stop here to get a small bite and try it out.

It was a small shop that was packed with history. 

Yep... a small bite... we had two pieces each before feeling completely stuffed.

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  1. Wow I never realised the back of my head looked like that :/ ahhaa