Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sabrina's Surprise Birthday Party

Today we begin the mission that we've been planning for a month now.

I believe this is the first time I'm doing an OOTD??? It's just rare to find me in a dress, so yeah, enjoy :3

While Seryna was picking up a last minute gift from Botany, we came across Albert working so I thought it was picture worthy :)

Seryna, Chibi and I went to Momo Tea and picked up a box full of orders for the party.

Then the preparation begins...

Sabrina was driven to Rachel's home blind folded and was then lead to the park.


Attack!!! Surprisingly quite a few of my shoots hit her even though I was laughing my ass off.
LOL sorry Sabrina :P

Then she took off her blind fold and looked super piss so I ran for dear life. Even though this picture is blurred I think it still looks noice. Well done Seryna *pat pat*. 

After the food, drinks and games we took some photos before Seryna, Chibi and I had to head home early.

This is my first time meeting Sabrina's cousin, Rachel, in person and I just think she is so sweet and awesome. Also her friend or AKA her wife, Ev, is also so sweet and approachable and everyone just clicked so well today :D

Me and the soon to be birthday girl <3

 Here are some Polaroids that I gave Sabrina, knowing she wouldn't have brought hers along today.

Now we shall appreciate some off Seryna's wonderful photography with her new camera.
Click HERE, for her version of our day today :)

Me and Chibi's new Facebook dps <3

 Seryna went through the effort to arrange us for this photo.

Me trimming his fringe, because I don't want his family to shave him bold DX

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did.
See ya soon :3 

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