Friday, 20 September 2013

Reward After Practice Exams

Today I had my last practice exam and I've truly never felt so fail in life...
Guess it comes to show that your not a genius unless you work for it XP
Luckily this was just a practice exam... phew... such a huge wake up call O_O

Anyways, after school today, my sister and I went shopping around botany, because exams really stressed me out >.<! Here are some stuff that I picked up today :D

Just testing out what I can do with Photoshop with presenting my blog ^ ^
Gosh, I'm still so noob...

I've been planning on getting converse shoes for a while now. Like recently I've went to check out a store in the city, and this pair was on special from $100 to $90. I didn't end up getting it and was planning to go to Dressmart with my sister some day. However today at Botany, Stirling Sports set up a stall in the mall with a 50% off sale and I found these for $50, so I bought them! The only other colour there was grey, but I stuck with peach (closes to orange), even though I guess it would be hard to match with stuff, but it's not like I'm an expert in fashion anyways...

Also "Happy Mid Autumn" (a day ago) MOONCAKE!!! mmmmmm :P

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Revenge On Contact Lenses

Today I went to the city with my sister, brother in law and my cute nephew :3
My sister (Shelley) and I were after some circle lenses. We both both black circle lenses and I also got a purple one, because of the buy 2 get one free deal.

Hyper Size Platinum Black, both eyes -3.75, one year

I also purchased the same purple lenses as to the ones I bought previously with the wrong prescription. However they didn't have it in stock with my correct prescription, so I ordered it and it's going to come by mail around 2 weeks time.

Hyper Size Platinum Black, both eyes -3.75, originally $80 a pair I think... and the special is 2 pairs of Hyper Size fro $160 and a free pair from another brand, which I forgot the name, but I'll post it when I comes in the mail. They also gave me a free lenses case.

I choose not to buy it on Yesstyle during the free shipping deal for $10 NZD... REGRETS!!
Doll Kiss Two Toned Cat Stockings, $25... T^T however it's good quality.

Winter is over so knitwear is finally affordable :D
Factory, India Knit, Vintage White, originally $29.00, sale $14.95

How can I say "no" to pandas >_<
Factory, WWF Canvas Tote, Panda, originally $16.95, sale $4.95

 Me and my sister at my Aunty's place having hot pot

Shopping at Botany the other day with my Aunty and Cousin:

Mwahahaha, after so long I finally achieved my goal of owning couple shirts >:)
A small gift for Chibi for our one year anniversary <3

Unfortunately we couldn't celebrate together because he was at tournament... I was almost able to go back my dad was concerned since it was a boys team. They just returned back to Auckland today after spending a week in Rotorua competing in the zone 1 regional basketball tournament and they returned as the CHAMPIONS for 2013!!!! I'm so proud of the boys :') (tears of joy) 

I decided to purchase Photoshop CS6 Extended last week, because I desperately needed it to work on my English assessment at home. After using it for the pass 2 weeks at school, I have fallen in love with the magic it can do O_O I know it may have been stupid to purchase the real thing, but the student and teachers edition is 80% of the original one, which to me is a huge deal. Besides spending my own money on it will encourage me to work hard and prove that the investment was worth it. Sigh... so Asian -_-"

Special Occasion In A Dress

I didn't go to my school ball this year, but I made up for the chance to wear a dress the very next day for my sister's wedding :) It was a minor celebration, but a every special moment for my sister and my brother in law <3

 I got my dress on the day during the morning from Dotti. It's really rear for me to buy dresses (second time), so I ended up staying in Dotti for around 2 hours trying as many dresses as I can...

I'm getting really obsessed over The Body Shop products. I just recently finished my Aloe Day Cream, which I have already repurchased. Along with that I also picked up some things from the tea tree range, which is the Tea Tree Blemish Fading Night Lotion and Tea Tree Oil. I also bought the Elder Flower Eye Gel using my voucher that I got from collecting points.