Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day KO

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!
This is the 5th year I've spent my Christmas with my friend, Katie and her family. It's like our tradition that I spend the day with them. We went out for yum cha at lunch and had BBQ for dinner back at her place. The weather was terrible this Christmas, so we didn't do anything productive. We just spent the day chatting, because we haven't hang out for like a year and singing karaoke... Katie's got an amazing voice and then there's me =_="

Boxing Day Shopping
This was my first time going boxing day shopping, so I didn't really know what to expect. I went with my boss, Shakira, because we planned this day for months. We have decided that this shall be our tradition from now on :)

Definitely looking forward to next year, other than the crowed shops and ridiculously long lines.
I wanted to buy some more clothes today, but nothing really appealed to me for me to reach for my wallet. Speaking of wallet I got myself a new one!! Totally made my day ^ ^ So instead of clothes I got some cute lifestyle things and accessories.
 Boxing Day Shopping At Manukau City:

Total spent $73, originally worth around $200... I estimated because I forgot the originally price for my watch. I'm usually against estimating, because I am such a maths freak, but didn't have much of a choice.

"Don't Forget" Wall Graphics, $5, originally $24.95
"Perfect" Mug, $2, originally $7.95
"Colour Eiffel" 15x15 Canvas, $2, originally $7.95

Colourful Top, $15, originally $20
This wasn't my best buy, but I wanted something colourful in my wardrobe.

Moustache Charm, $2, originally $8.99
Moustache Watch, $9, originally $34.99
Leo Pendant Necklace, $7, originally (unknown)

 Cotton On:
Striped Beauty Case Powder Pink, $5, originally $11.95
3 Pack Skinny Belt, $2, originally $9.95
Dark Night Marble Zip Thru (M), $10, originally $34.95

"Pink" Ruby & Kit Wallet, $14, originally $24.99
This was my best buy, because I didn't know it was on special, so I mentally prepared myself to pay full price. That surprising sensation when you get an unexpected discount! Yay!

 Here is how my wall graphic looks in my room:

 Here is a close up of the mug I got from Typo:

It's a bit challenging to read what it says in the picture...

Life would be perfect if
some girls had mute buttons
some guys had edit buttons :)
bad times had a fast forward button
and good times had a pause button
Christmas Presents:
 Body Shop: Wild Rose Hand Cream, from my Sister :D
Need to look after my hands more, because I have been abusing them at basketball training.

Ruby Perfume Oil, from my boss, Shakira
Smells so good -^ ^-

Happy Holiday's everyone!!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Thousand Origami Cranes

I always loved origami, which is the Japanese term for paper folding. There is a Japanese myth that if you fold 1000 origami cranes you'll be granted a wish. I haven't dedicated my time to fold 1000 cranes yet, but I occasionally fold some when I have time to spear.

Today I went shopping at Dressmart with Seryna and Anh. We planned this shopping spree together ages ago, so I had to ask for a day of work and luckily I had no training today either.

I almost never shop for clothes, but I needed some new tops and dressmart had pretty good deals. Someday when I have the time and effort, I'll post how I look in them :) Sorry I don't know the fancy names for these clothes, so I will just label them by their colour...

4 tops:
blue one and grey one, $5 each, original $19.95 each, from cotton on
white one and reddish brown one, 2 for $15, originally $29.99 and $39.99, from just jeans

1 bottom:
mint coloured demin shorts, $15, originally $39.99, from dotti
(I actually want some more colours now... might go back some other day)

3 notebooks:
A4 spinout notebooks, $2 each, originally $7.95, from typo

sweet treats : love : confetti

I was looking through some old photos on my camera the other day... Things you find on there are quite fascinating. This was me around this time last year, bwahahaha I see what my mum meant when she use to always tell me off for not being girly enough. This is the shortest I've had ever cut my hair, haha look like a boy.

And yes, my taste in clothing was very weird too. It still is, but I am gradually starting to look like a normal human being now.

Another old photo that I found which brings back memories. This was taken at the top of Rangitoto Island, where our 2 group completed our Duke Of Edinburgh, bronze expedition. I still remember the cows that almost killed us...

My grandparents sent me a mountain of textbooks from China... A total of 38 textbooks, 4 chemistry books, 4 physics books and the rest is all maths books... and it's all written in Chinese, which I never learned to read... HELPFUL! Well I guess the next half of my holiday will be studying these...

O hai there XP

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

After The Rain Comes A Rainbow

I believe this world is fair, when bad things happen, good things follow and when good things happen, bad things follow.

Like when it rains and ruins your plans for the day, at less you get to see a rainbow afterwards. That's pretty much what happened today when I wanted to meet up with Chibi. However later that day when me and my dad went to scout a new listing land, the people there lent me a beautiful umbrella. So I started taking photos as we were guided around the boundary lines. I guess this can replace the rainbow.

Rainbow Umbrella
I like this umbrella, it brings colour into the gloomy rainy day. I wonder where I could buy one too haha.

The garden
 The garden on the land was huge!! And once the sun came out the place became so bright and peaceful.

Rainbow Umbrella Again
 I'm just amused by the colours :)

As I mentioned before I am a huge Pokemon fan and I was inspired today to start designing my next year's exercise book covers. One of the images that I really liked is this one from and it just happened to be in a rainbow coloured order too. Eevee evolution are few of my top favourite Pokemons!!

I shall post my exercise book cover designs later in the holidays.
By Kitorinote from Zerochan

Also I was looking forward to tomorrow's break from basketball training, but at the last minute I informed that I have work starting tomorrow for the next 6 days till Christmas Eve... On Thursday I also have basketball training from 7am - 9am and then I need to rush to work at 10am - 6pm. Hope I survive...

Monday, 17 December 2012

Skyfall, Drawing, Pokemon

Today, my sweet Chibi turns 16!!

Happy Birthday!!

"happy birthday, it's your birthday,
 happy birthday, it's your birthday,

Teehee~ I've been annoying him the whole day with this tune :P

so evil >:D

Today me and the basketball guys had training at 7am in the morning for 2 hours... what a great way to start Chibi's birthday. It got better afterwards when we all meet up at botany to have lunch and pigged out at various places. I was looking forward to Chibi taking me to Eat Asian and try out Malaysian dishes unfortunately the place just had to be close on Mondays... but I was still good with sushi.

Me, Alvin and Xiao Fan had free movie tickets from our school award ceremony, so we all decided to watched "Skyfall". However I ended up being the only one who brought my tickets along... This was my first time watching a James Bond movie, so I thought it was pretty cool and intense, but the ending was so very sad T^T

I still prefer cartoons though ^ ^ really looking forward to watch "Wreak-It Ralph" after Christmas!!


I was inspire to draw a picture to dedicate it to Chibi 5 hours before his birthday... I accidentally overwrote my first draft, which I was pretty disappointed about, since I wanted to post my progress. Though it was my first time using SAI, so... screw that.

I finished the picture in 4 hours and was planning to post it at exactly 12am on his Facebook page. Yes, I am a retard thinking that I would be the first to post... Another friend ended up beating me and posting at 10:30pm when it isn't even the next day yet!! So I just posted it around 11:30pm at second place. RAMON YOU EVIL!!

Anyways this is the finial drawing, enjoy :)

Since it's the holidays I would have more time to draw and hopefully post them :)

Pokemon Freak Is Back

Today I got 2 pokeballs!!!!! A master ball and ultra ball from Pokemon. I wanted to get the normal pokeballs but I got them at random... but I'm satisfied, because master ball is awesome!!

This is my master ball with a Rashiram, who's the black and white edition legendary Pokemon.

Chibi lent me his Pokemon Handbook for the holiday to stalk my favourite Pokemons. POKEMON ULTIMATE HANDBOOK!! Eevee Evolution are few of my top favorite Pokemons, especially Flareon, because I adore fire types.

And of course Pikachu!! He's just so adorable >.< and he's yellow, which is a huge bonus, because that's my favourite colour. I have other favourites too, but I shall post them another time :P

Magikarp..... I don't what you guys think, but he's is truly the most useless Pokemon ever... However once he evolves he's super OP. There was a meme about Magikarp once saying, "Just wait till I evolve, I'll f***** kill you all." Which really made me laugh a lot XD

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Nerd's Productive Holiday

Chibi gave me a bark that he found :)
Summer is here!! So the weather has been really nice to me lately, so I was able to go out for more walks and meet up with Chibi.

My holiday schedule has been filled with plenty of basketball games and training and also referee training. Meaning I had to visit my school more than 4 times a week, which didn't really make me miss the place at all. Basketball trainings have been at 7 in the morning on Mondays and Fridays... I am definitely not a morning person, so waking up at 6 in the morning is a huge challenge, but knowing that Chibi will be there really does motivate me to get up. This holiday I signed up for international fiba referee training with Chibi, Captian Alvin and Panhead-san, which has been very fun other than our teacher ditching us 3 out of 5 sessions so far. The guys ended up shooting hoops, while I observed.

This Wednesday was 12/12/12 the last repetitive day in my lifetime, unless I live for another 100 years, which is highly unlikely. It was also my dad's 46th birthday!! Our family went out for dinner and had really nice Chinese food.

Of course it's not a Chinese birthday without noodles, so our family ordered noodles with crayfish. YUM!

My dad rarely poses for pictures O.O

The Cake

My Grandparents

Dear Santa,
I've been a pretty good kid this year and all I ask for is to be able to spend plenty of time with my boyfriend and a new toothbrush.
Thank You!

This holiday my dad has been nagging me a lot to practice my driving... so yesterday I decided to practice even though my body was sore from training in the morning. We drove around our neighborhood, all most dying at roundabouts and getting in the way of other cars. My dad decided to take me onto the motorway, at that moment I really thought my dad was crazy...

Though I found the motorway pretty simple other than the fact that we're going at a deadly speed... eventually we meet a traffic jam on our way to the Northshore, which I was actually happy about, because I could go super slow.

Here are some shots on my way back and no, I was not driving while taking picture or else I would have driven off the Auckland Harbor bridge by then.

Auckland City

The ocean of the Harbor Bridge

Me relaxing while my dad drove us home
While we were in Northshore, which took me about an hour to get there, we went to the Alberny Mall to get something to eat and drink. I've been wanting to try out Mac Donald's new mango and pineapple smash smoothie... I think that's what it's called. Anyways I love anything that has mango. And I think it was really nice and refreshing after driving for like an hour in the hot sun.


Lindor Chocolate are my favourite!! However I was disappointed that I didn't get the white chocolate one in my box...

My new piece is sketching this girl who's holding a ball and racket, so hopefully I can post up my finished piece in a month's time.

I Heart Cute Stationary!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pokemon FREAK

Summer is HERE!! However the weather doesn't seem to show that atm...

I was suppose to blog a few days ago but my internet and computer decided to be a totally jerk. Though I do understand that everyone has these moments, so I saved my thoughts till the jerk decided to come down.

my car keys with a bell so I'll never lose it
Asian parents logic makes no sense...
You see, the other day my dad lost his wallet somewhere in the house. It took him forever, but he couldn't find it. So I obviously had to help hunt for the missing wallet and it took me less than a minute to find it in the car. Instead of a thank you, I ended up getting lectured for not using my holiday time productively... Now I have been assigned work by my parents for the rest of the holiday, which is learning to read and write Chinese (save me), practice my driving, babysitting my nephew and finishing a painting for the house.

They clearly don't understand that I also have 2 basketball trainings a week, fifa referee sessions and art classes...

I shall be babysitting this young one during the holiday... He's such a poser

Leo Star Sign Necklace from Diva
Big Ideas Book and pens from Typo, and a new sketch book
Last week I finally got to hang out with my two besties, Anh and Seryna. I was actually an hour late, because I slept in and I couldn't find my friendship bracelet... Eventually I found it a day after, thought they were gonna slaughter me if they find out...

 I got a new sketch book, which I hope can motivate me to start drawing again this holiday. I was suprised when I realised my hands were super shaky when I was trying to draw, I also had trouble putting pressure on the pens. Must have exhausted my hands from basketball training...

my drawing of a cute raccoon

I received my early Christmas/ 3 months/ very late birthday present from Chibi last week, which was lots of yummy snacks from Malaysia, pokemon conquest ds game and a very sweet message. I devoured the snacks before I could take a picture and the message is not for sharing, but you can see me collection of pokemon games.

Chibi's girlfriend is a pokemon freak... Lucky him :)
I played pokemon conquest for 3 days straight, a total of 23 hours which eventually lead to sore thumbs. It was a fun game, where I felt like the bad guy, because I had to invade other kingdoms. My warrior had an Eevee, that eventually evolved into a Flareon! I adore fire type pokemon, not only do they kick ass, but also because my horoscope is Leo a fire type star sign and my zodiac is the fire rat. Wasn't it meant to be. I also love Pikachu, because he's so cute and yellow!!