Monday, 24 June 2013

Caged Bird Sing

I had mufti day at school about a fortnight ago and I decided to turn up in my pikachu onesie. I am not crazy... Initially I wasn't going solo, but Anh decided to change her mind -.-"
Chibi took this photo -^ ^- nawww :D

On Saturday, I was abandoned at Manukau City Shopping Centre while my parents went to buy curtains. So I took this chance to go browse around and I came across this adorable backpack at Equip. It was on the clearance rack for $24.99, originally $44.99, so I thought it was time for my black and white polka-dot backpack to retire. When I walked past The Body Shop they were celebrating their 20th birthday, I think? Anyways there was a 30% discount on all body butter range. Which was brilliant timing, because I am just about to finish my peach body butter. Unfortunately the peach body butter discontinued so I decided to purchase the Mango one instead :) 

I also found this wall sticker and it reminded me of Maya Angelou's Poem "Caged Bird" which is a poem that I am studying for English. So I purchased it straight away and stuck it on my bedroom door, because it looks awesome XD

My hair is getting longer now... sigh, it's such a hassle during training -.-" However, I think it looks nice, so here are some hair accessories that I got since I need to start tying my hair up more often.
(bun booster, bow clips, bunny ear scrunchies)

Stressful Birthday Clash

During the first weekend of June, my two dear friends Seryna and Shakira turned 17 on the 1st of June.
Luckily they celebrated their birthdays on different days...

At Shakira's, I got to visit her new house and we had lots of food XD Buzz and Singer Star was to hard -.-" but it was a lot of fun chatting with everyone ^ ^

The next day at Seryna's, I got the time wrong and showed up an hour early at her house =_=" Had to stand outside, because no one was home T^T but a cat called Mimi came over to keep me company :) Anyways we went to Botany and decided to have lunch at The Coffee Club, then we watched Furious 6 and Chibi joined us ^ ^ I must watch the whole series now >.< and Tokyo Drift!!

After the busy weekend the last thing I remembered was getting food poising on Monday...
(the meal above was the cause I believe...)

Did some shopping in the city :)

High Boots: Black Lepold, Size 8, from Novo

Short Boots: Black Locus, Size 8, from Novo

Sandals: Bronze Tatiana, Size 8, from Novo

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #1 Brown

Me and Chibi's matching Katmandu Thermal Drink Bottles -^ ^-

"Ramp It Up"

I got lazy and stopped posting for a while, since there was so much stuff going on at school XP
Sorry la...

Anyways this post was for a while ago, I just didn't finish it off and to make up for lost time I'm posting 2 other separate posts today :)

Wow... This is the 50th post on my blog :D

I am so spoilt 8(>.<)8 A week ago I was originally going to buy this Orange iPod Nano of Alan. However later in the week he said he couldn't find it, which totally crumbled my high hopes of owning this cutie. Then out of the blue yesterday as me and the robotics team went to our regionals competition, Chibi said he is giving me my birthday present 2 months early O.O I was a genius assuming that it was a pet panda imported from China, yes, because it is totally possible to own a panda as a pet =_=" Anyways TADA! I still can't believed he bought it for me >.< OMG!

At the robotics regional competition "Ramp It Up", we came to a disappointing defeat, getting eliminated in the quarter finals. It just wasn't our day, having terrible luck in the matches, our driver got sick (poor Chibi threw up) and with a low rank we had a disadvantage in the alliance round.

The competition was held at Massy University in the Engineering department, so we got to check out some cool stuff and even get our personalized dog tags for free :)

Two more posts coming >.<!