Monday, 24 June 2013

Stressful Birthday Clash

During the first weekend of June, my two dear friends Seryna and Shakira turned 17 on the 1st of June.
Luckily they celebrated their birthdays on different days...

At Shakira's, I got to visit her new house and we had lots of food XD Buzz and Singer Star was to hard -.-" but it was a lot of fun chatting with everyone ^ ^

The next day at Seryna's, I got the time wrong and showed up an hour early at her house =_=" Had to stand outside, because no one was home T^T but a cat called Mimi came over to keep me company :) Anyways we went to Botany and decided to have lunch at The Coffee Club, then we watched Furious 6 and Chibi joined us ^ ^ I must watch the whole series now >.< and Tokyo Drift!!

After the busy weekend the last thing I remembered was getting food poising on Monday...
(the meal above was the cause I believe...)

Did some shopping in the city :)

High Boots: Black Lepold, Size 8, from Novo

Short Boots: Black Locus, Size 8, from Novo

Sandals: Bronze Tatiana, Size 8, from Novo

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #1 Brown

Me and Chibi's matching Katmandu Thermal Drink Bottles -^ ^-

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