Friday, 29 November 2013

The Odds Are Never In Our Favour

Today I was suppose to take more photos, but I forgot sorry...
Today Chibi finally finished his last exam so the guys, him and I went to watch The Hunger Games, Catching Fire!!! The visual affects were amazing and omg the tears T^T Now I can't wait for <--Mockingjay--<<

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Date With Me, Myself And I

Apparently it is healthy to take yourself on a date once in a while, so last weekend I got to go shopping in the city and here are so of my buys.

From the Japanese cosmetic store, Ippondo, I restocked on my Dolly Wink black liquid liner. This is my first and the only black liquid liner that I have used and it works great for me. When I was at the store I couldn't find them on the shelves and when I asked the store owner she said they have ones without packaging that are on special. Talk about LUCK! So she grabbed one for me from the storage and it was for $15.