Monday, 25 November 2013

Exams Concluded

Summer is around the corner :D
I actually finished my exams last Tuesday, however the very next day I caught a huge fever from the stress apparently... Anyways I've recently recovered and just returned from my restricted drivers licence practical test, which I passed!!!


Do you know the correct way to eat a cupcake?
 Here's just something interesting that I came across a few weeks ago. This solves my issue with not being able to distribute the icing evenly.

OPI, My Favorite Ornament
I came across an OPI sale, buy one get, one free, at Farmers the other day so I bought this colour for going into the Christmas spirit and another one for Shakira for her leavers party this week. The colour's a surprise though XP

Me and Shakira met up at Night Market last week so I enjoyed my time browsing through the Asian stationary stores.

My new diary that you can customize the dates. 

Strawberry season is in!!! 

 OMG!!! this one's huge O_O

 These were some awards that I got at the end of this years award ceremony.


  1. Oh my god, I went to Farmers too (cause I heard of the OPI sale) and saw the swatch for 'My Favourite Ornament'. SOLD OUT. I wanted to cry asdfghjkl. Oh well, I got some other colours hehe.

    Congratz on your awards!

    1. Thanks for the congrats :) Yeah they didn't have enough of this colour on the shelves which sucked... I hope you post about the colours you got on your blog :D atm I only own "my favourite ornament" and "my boyfriend scales walls" from the spiderman collection which I both love dearly.

  2. I am so going to eat my cupcakes like that now. And the nail polish is really pretty!

    1. haha yeah it becomes like a sandwich XD and thanks :3

  3. Some cute stuff here. As for the cupcake, yes.. that's the correct way of doing it. But sometimes, you may eat however you want too. Just dig inYou have a new follower here.

    1. Haha yeah of course, it's a free country. I don't eat cupcakes that often anyways XP and thanks for the follow :)