Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Date With Me, Myself And I

Apparently it is healthy to take yourself on a date once in a while, so last weekend I got to go shopping in the city and here are so of my buys.

From the Japanese cosmetic store, Ippondo, I restocked on my Dolly Wink black liquid liner. This is my first and the only black liquid liner that I have used and it works great for me. When I was at the store I couldn't find them on the shelves and when I asked the store owner she said they have ones without packaging that are on special. Talk about LUCK! So she grabbed one for me from the storage and it was for $15.

I've heard great things about Dolly Wink falses, so I decided to give my lashes some love. I picked up the one I thought was the most natural (#9 natural dolly), though they're all very dramatic. I also got a brown pencil eyeliner after trying it on my hand it doesn't smudge at all!! wow O_O"

I restocked on my facial masks as well. The grape seed one is my favourite, which was out of stock the last time I visited the city. So just to make sure this time I bought a box of 10 packs. Mwahahaha!!! The other's are some old time favourites or ones I haven't tried from My Beauty Diary's range.

The depressing moment when the egg yoke breaks (sob...) Anybody else likes fresh oyster? Mmmm

Also my second package from Yesstyle finally arrived today!!! Woohoo!!!
It did take a little longer than I thought, but it come in around a month's time so that's still reasonable.
Kissful Lip Tint  from Etude House, in shade #4 Tangerine Chou

Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream from The Face Shop, in Baby and Floral scent

 Rice Mask from Skin Food

And the rest of the stuff is a part of a friend's late birthday present ^ ^

It's The Last Day Of School!!!! Exams here I come!!!!
I need to stop blogging for a bit to focus on studying >_<

So see ya in 3 weeks :)


  1. Great Haul! I think I actually prefer shopping by myself. I've actually never tried anything from the Dolly Wink brand cuz its a little pricey, but I really want to give them ago. And Skinfood products are just amazing! I'm quite a sucker for cute or chic packaging xD
    Want to follow each other's blogs? I'll gladly follow ^u^

    1. Thanks :D I think dolly wink is worth the investment, but I personally haven't tried any other liquid liner so I really can't do a comparison. A follow for a follow I'm keen :)

  2. Nice post and I haven't tried any Dolly Wink products but i'll definitely go and try it!