Thursday, 31 October 2013

That Is My Ninja Way

Happy Halloween Everyone :)

It's definitely been a while since I've gone trick or treating, as I thought I was getting to old for it. However this year I had an excuse where I went along with Seryna and Anh, accompanying their younger siblings. I dressed up as a ninja or to be specific a member of the Uchiha Clan from Naruto, this is where I got to try out some new stuff that I've recently got from Armageddon.

Seryna dressed up as a Minion:
Anh dressed up as Red Riding-hood:

Ehhh... my fail hand signs here... man, I need to learn to take better photos >.<
Here I'm accessorising an all black outfit with my leaf head band, shiruken and kunai necklace and my awesome Sasuke Uchiha's Sword, which I found out is called the Sword of Kusanagi.
I did originally thought it would have been cool to draw and edit in some effects, but I'm kinda rushing the post. Hmmm maybe next time.

 I had a calculus tutorial after school today, so I meet up with the group a little bit later than planned. It started raining soon after a few houses, so we decided to just head back to Seryna's to sort out the photos and take some more. I only got like four pieces of candy (sad life), so I stole Anh's basket to take a photo XP

McCafe Macarons!!!
- Passion Fruit - Caramel - Blueberry - Watermelon - Strawberry - Coffee -

My last encounter with McCafe Macarons weren't that great, because I found them too chewy compared to the standard of melting in the mouth. However I gave them another chance, so I bought them without looking at the flavours just to have fun trying to guess them instead. To my surprise this batch is so much better! The blueberry and strawberry one was definitely to die for. If only I knew how to bake or even cook for the matter of fact... Oh, maybe next time I'll tell you about the several attempts where I had almost burnt down the house due to me being in the kitchen. Yeah, it just doesn't seem like the place was meant for me.

Anyways my second package has still yet to arrive! (cry) I wonder where it is right now... Shipping is so confusing D: I have yet to give my present to Monynna and I even have all the wrapping ready for it to arrive. Sigh... I really want to post about the stuff I got >.< Hopefully it will be in the next post (fingers crossed)

See you then :)

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