Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Mashimaro Family

Meet my current Mashimaro Family ^ ^

These were surprisingly a lot more comfortable than my hyper platinum black circle lens, which were a bit more expensive. I missed my chance to try out my chichi cat lashes so please excuse my almost non existing lashes.

My parents came home last night already fed... Leaving me the choice to eat whatever, so I decided to eat at Daruma for the first time. The place was so cute and the sushi was presented so beautifully. Ehhh, but I wouldn't prefer going there when I want to eat the size of an elephant. It's pretty expensive for my liking XP I'm still a loyal fan to Kanda, Sushi and Grill.

OMG I loved their packaging!!! However the heart shaped cross-section of the pocky wasn't very obvious...
Mmmmmm, pocky is such a great snack to munch away at while studying.

Two terms ago (about half a year) I bought the aloe travel kit from the body shop, which had sample sizes of their products from the aloe range included this calming facial cleanser. I have already repurchased the day cream, which I've also really loved. I use this cleanser on a daily bases whenever I don't need to deep clean my skin.

Once the holiday started, Chibi and I had a double date at Kanda, with Chibi's buddy and his other half. Sigh... the weather was pretty horrible when we were heading there, but the food in the end was definitely worth it.

Oh and by the way, I was wearing the purple contacts in this photo, but you can't really tell... I'll post some more selfies with them on next time. I just couldn't get myself to post the ones I took -.-" sigh... need some photogenic genes... and excuse the hairless brows DX I have been considering to expanding my rookie makeup skills and fill them in, but I swear they are most likely gonna just look like worms.

Hehe~ Photoshop has been really fun to experiment with :D


  1. Haha sushi go around!! i used to work therec: eheheheh <3 and beautiful blog XD