Sunday, 27 October 2013

World Of Cosplay At Armageddon 2013

Yesterday I went to Armageddon in Auckland for the first time and I cosplayed as Minnie Mouse. I got the ears and gloves from Disneyland in LA years ago and god knows how long I have I had that dress O_O I wore my two tone cat stockings and Mickey Mouse print shoes. It was definitely awkward getting to the ASB show ground since I had to go by public transport at 8:30 in the morning!

I went along with the guys, but they weren't so keen on photos, but Chibi didn't have much of a choice. Mwahahaha. He was gonna wear my pikachu hat, but that didn't last very long...

Attack On Titans Military Scouting Legion (kyaaa! fan girl moment, drool...)
 I chickened out so many times when I wanted to take photos with other cosplayers... Though it didn't stop me from stalking them throughout the day >:)

Vampire Knight, Zero! and Yuki?
 When I do manage to approach some of them, the photos the guys took for me were all blurry expect for this one!  Thanks guys, thanks... -_-" I should have worn my gloves in this photo, aghh so many regrets... and why was I holding a bag DX

Anyways it was overall a great experience and heaps of fun. I wasn't a huge fan of all the gaming consoles available for us to try out, but the amount of cosplayers kept me busy. My durability wasn't that strong as you can see I posted a day after the event, because I just knocked myself out once I got home. I even found out where my extra pen nibs for my tablet were hidden when I visited the Wacom stall, because it never explained on the packaging where they were. It was definitely a mind blown moment.

 ~my buy of the day~
As you can see I kinda gravitated towards the jewellery section... I actually didn't get much stuff, surprisingly. I did consider buying this huge chibi pikachu, but in the end I talked myself out of it, because I didn't really like the fabric. Me and the guys did come across Kagami Taiga's Serin uniform costume, but it was dam expensive and there wasn't any other uniforms of the Generation Of Miracles.

Shuriken & Kunai Necklace with the Leaf Village symbol from Naruto
It's actually pretty sharp...
$15 each or 2 for $25

Kirito's sword, Elucidator from Sword Arts Online
Also pretty sharp. Sigh... knowing my clumsiness, I swear I'm gonna eventually hurt myself with these accessories.
I got this with my Shuriken & Kunai Neckalce for the deal, $15 each or 2 for $25

Celestial Spirit Gate Of The Lion Key, from Fairy Tail
I came across the other star signs at one of the Hobby Zone stalls, but I had to go to two other Hobby Zone stalls to find this one. I got the Leo one, because that is my star sign (typical...) and Loki is also my favourite character from Fairy Tail (bonus!).
$10 each.

Sasuke's Sword with the Uchiha Clan symbol from Naruto.
This was a last minute purchase, before me and the guys were leaving. It was on a special from $88 to $39, but I was still being picky, because most of them were scratched and bruised pretty badly... hehe maybe next time I can cosplay as an Uchiha Clan member.

Hmmm, kinda regretting at the moment about not buying any posters or scrolls now.

Weel, that is all for today, hopefully I'll have a post about Halloween later in the week and that my second package from Yesstyle would have arrived. See you then :)

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