Saturday, 19 October 2013

Absorbing The Warmth

 Yesterday was Monynna's Sweet 16th Birthday, where we spend the day at Mission Bay. It was pretty cold during noon where we got soaked in a water fight and later on headed for a swim. 

The sun finally started doing it's job when the afternoon came around and everyone just spent that time bathing in the sun. As the genius that I am, I decided to not use sunblock on this fine day, where I ended up experiencing my first ever sunburn... Sigh... I sure learnt my lesson learnt, from the pain on my back right now.

 Unfortunately I couldn't attend the party later on at Monynna's (sob), because a family friend invited my parents to go over for dinner and I still don't understand why I had to go. At least their new puppy kept me company while the Asian gossip went on through the night.

 Today I had plans to go shopping to pick up some stuff and study at the library with Chibi. Unfortunately that didn't work out, but I still got to go to Noel Leeming to pick up my Intuos Creative Pen and Touch Tablet that I have had been dreaming about for weeks!

Its the Intuos Pen and Touch 5 in Medium. Also for all those Slam Dunk fans, Kaede Rukawa is so sexy!!
(Hope Chibi doesn't see this though...)

The unboxing!!! It's beautiful, sniff (tears of joy)

 Now my workspace is perfect :3

Also unfortunately my package that I mentioned in my previous post hasn't arrived yet, which meant I can't blog about it yet and it also resulted to Monynna getting her present from me later. Arghhh, should have guessed... you can't trust that shipping would be on time. However hopefully my next post would be about it.

See you then :)

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