Thursday, 10 October 2013

Valuing Money Comes From Working Hard For It

For the past week I've been working at my family friend's new store. It was a last minute call in as they needed extra hands, which left all my other plans hanging... The original plan was that I go work for them during the week before Christmas like every other year. However this time it wasn't serving customers, but setting up their new store. I was definitely glad that I didn't have to face people. Even though I know it's good experience to interact with different people, but ever since last year's incident, where this customer yield at me to the point where I started crying... Yeah people are scarrrrryyyyy =_=" Anyways during this week my boss basically left me and another Chinese lady to set up the entire store literally from scratch... I worked for 6 days straight and 8 hours a day. It was a good reminder to not take money for granted, as I have been spending like crazy lately.

Oh and I also got to drive to and from work when my parents come to fetch me. Yep... Still got my learners licence after 2 whole years! I was going to go for my restricted licence this holiday, but like I said I had to leave that plan hanging. Cheers to Alan for showing me the course though!

I went to get my eyes checked recently, because I knew they have gotten worse and I needed a new prescription before I go for my restricted. Sigh... it turns out that now my eyes have different prescriptions. Meaning I have to remember which contact lenses go in which eye from now on! I swear I am gonna go completely blind someday (sob).
So now my left eye went from -3.75 to -4.00 and my right eye went from -3.75 to -4.75 in this one year period.

 I've always enjoyed swimming, but ever since my eye sight have gotten worst I could barely see in the pools anymore... Wearing contact lenses at a pool is definitely a no no! Though recently I discovered these awesome prescript goggles!!! I bought them from my optometrist and I can't wait to try them out when the weather gets warmer. I would finally be able to see the huge wall clock timer in the pools :D

On the last day of work my earphones retired on me. So I decided  to go pick up a new one after work. I really wanted beats for a long time now, even though I know they are so overrated... But what stopped me was the fact that my paycheque for this week was worth the headphones and I decided whether it was worth it or not and obviously I said no, because I totally worked my butt off! And also the other reason is that Chibi would definitely go rage mode at me XP

 So I settled with these Red Skullcandy Ink'd. These kinda reminds me of beats O_O
I wish there was a bigger range in colours... Hopefully they last long!

 While I was picking up my earphones, I went past Cotton On and decided to get a plain grey T-Shirt that was on a 50% sale. While I was at the counter paying, the store people... (what do I call them?) Asked if I wanted to buy anything from their range of products that go forth to charity? So I picked up this bottle of water and decided to check out their website to find out more when I got home. It's definitely impressive with how much they have done to support the people in poverty in Africa.

Heads up on my next possibly post, depending on when the packages arrive...
Thanks to Seryna's help, I was able to order a few beauty products from Yesstyle!
Can't wait for my packages to arrive and blog about them :)
See you then ^ ^

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