Friday, 25 October 2013

BB or CC?

Yesstyle Thank You Card and Free Samples
Yay!!! My first package from Yesstyle came a few days ago. Compared to my order last year that took more than a month, this is a huge improvement in shipping. There's still another package coming so hopefully that will be here in a few days. It's great that Yesstyle extended their free shipping promotion and that they are having sales in their huge beauty department for Halloween. So how can I say no? XP It's so difficult to find Asian brand cosmetics in New Zealand.

My first every CC Cream (Correct and Care) from Etude House, Silky.
Sigh... I just had to get tanned the other day =_= It's slightly whiter for my current skin but I can still pull it off once it oxidizes more during the day. The other CC cream from Etude House is Glow, which it for dryer skin, while Silk is for more oily skin.
It has 8 skin benefits:
-Anti-aging (apparently it's better to start preventing than after you get aging signs)
-Stress Relieving (hmmmm I don't feel it...)
-Hydrating (well I tested it out today at school and it lasted the whole day without drying my skin, but I think Chibi kinda rubbed majority of it off before the day ended...)
-Whitening (it's only been the first day so I can't tell)
-Sun Protection, SPF 30/PA++ (I usually never use sunscreen, but ever since me sun burn incident I think I should start using it now)
-Tone Up (what does that mean O.O?)
-Smooth Texture (I guess it's like a primer as well)
-Luminosity (it gave me a slight white cast...)

Skin 79, VIP Gold Collection Super + BB Cream (Blemish Balm)
I've always wanted to get this!!! Mwahahaha, but I haven't tried this out yet.

88 Ultra Shimmer Palette from Coastal Scents
I'm a noob, when it comes to makeup, but I get to play around with colours :D
Also this year I'm going to Armageddon for the first time and I've decided to cosplay. However I have a limited choice between my Pikachu onesie or my Minnie Mouse costume that I got from Disneyland years ago. I do own a hidden left village headband, but I don't have any other ninja accessories to go with it... Hopefully I an do some shopping at Armageddon, but apparently it's super over priced T^T

Skin 79 BB Cream Miniature Set: Triple Function, VIP Gold, Diamond Collection, Diamond Collection Pearl   
Even though I bought the VIP Gold, I was still curious about the other BB creams by Skin 79. So I thought this pack would be perfect to try them out and the miniature VIP Gold can be a travel size for my bag.

I've recently submitted my prototype that I developed during my Industrial Design Class at school.
Shishiodoshi (Dear Chaser)

Today I restocked on my Simple Cleansing Facial Wipe & I've been wanting to these purchase these hair treatments for a while now. Since my hair is finally getting long again, I need to start looking after my hair better to be healthy and hopefully make it grow quicker.

I haven't styled my hair with heat other than using my hair dyer for a really long time now. However, I still occasionally find split ends, because I always need to blow dry my hair in the morning. So I decided to purchase this Moroccanoil treatment. I was unsure about whether to purchase the 25ml or the 200ml when the bigger size bottle is only twice the price with 8 times the product. However I wasn't sure if I would be committed to this product, so I just stuck with the smaller bottle  =_=

 Tomorrow I'll be going to Armageddon in Auckland for the very first time! This is a hint on my cosplay outfit, however depending on the whether I might decided not to dress up, since I'm going to be travelling by public transport. So fingers crossed that I can dress up tomorrow and hopefully I'll post tomorrow about my experience.

See you then :3

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