Friday, 20 September 2013

Reward After Practice Exams

Today I had my last practice exam and I've truly never felt so fail in life...
Guess it comes to show that your not a genius unless you work for it XP
Luckily this was just a practice exam... phew... such a huge wake up call O_O

Anyways, after school today, my sister and I went shopping around botany, because exams really stressed me out >.<! Here are some stuff that I picked up today :D

Just testing out what I can do with Photoshop with presenting my blog ^ ^
Gosh, I'm still so noob...

I've been planning on getting converse shoes for a while now. Like recently I've went to check out a store in the city, and this pair was on special from $100 to $90. I didn't end up getting it and was planning to go to Dressmart with my sister some day. However today at Botany, Stirling Sports set up a stall in the mall with a 50% off sale and I found these for $50, so I bought them! The only other colour there was grey, but I stuck with peach (closes to orange), even though I guess it would be hard to match with stuff, but it's not like I'm an expert in fashion anyways...

Also "Happy Mid Autumn" (a day ago) MOONCAKE!!! mmmmmm :P

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