Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day KO

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!
This is the 5th year I've spent my Christmas with my friend, Katie and her family. It's like our tradition that I spend the day with them. We went out for yum cha at lunch and had BBQ for dinner back at her place. The weather was terrible this Christmas, so we didn't do anything productive. We just spent the day chatting, because we haven't hang out for like a year and singing karaoke... Katie's got an amazing voice and then there's me =_="

Boxing Day Shopping
This was my first time going boxing day shopping, so I didn't really know what to expect. I went with my boss, Shakira, because we planned this day for months. We have decided that this shall be our tradition from now on :)

Definitely looking forward to next year, other than the crowed shops and ridiculously long lines.
I wanted to buy some more clothes today, but nothing really appealed to me for me to reach for my wallet. Speaking of wallet I got myself a new one!! Totally made my day ^ ^ So instead of clothes I got some cute lifestyle things and accessories.
 Boxing Day Shopping At Manukau City:

Total spent $73, originally worth around $200... I estimated because I forgot the originally price for my watch. I'm usually against estimating, because I am such a maths freak, but didn't have much of a choice.

"Don't Forget" Wall Graphics, $5, originally $24.95
"Perfect" Mug, $2, originally $7.95
"Colour Eiffel" 15x15 Canvas, $2, originally $7.95

Colourful Top, $15, originally $20
This wasn't my best buy, but I wanted something colourful in my wardrobe.

Moustache Charm, $2, originally $8.99
Moustache Watch, $9, originally $34.99
Leo Pendant Necklace, $7, originally (unknown)

 Cotton On:
Striped Beauty Case Powder Pink, $5, originally $11.95
3 Pack Skinny Belt, $2, originally $9.95
Dark Night Marble Zip Thru (M), $10, originally $34.95

"Pink" Ruby & Kit Wallet, $14, originally $24.99
This was my best buy, because I didn't know it was on special, so I mentally prepared myself to pay full price. That surprising sensation when you get an unexpected discount! Yay!

 Here is how my wall graphic looks in my room:

 Here is a close up of the mug I got from Typo:

It's a bit challenging to read what it says in the picture...

Life would be perfect if
some girls had mute buttons
some guys had edit buttons :)
bad times had a fast forward button
and good times had a pause button
Christmas Presents:
 Body Shop: Wild Rose Hand Cream, from my Sister :D
Need to look after my hands more, because I have been abusing them at basketball training.

Ruby Perfume Oil, from my boss, Shakira
Smells so good -^ ^-

Happy Holiday's everyone!!

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