Monday, 17 December 2012

Skyfall, Drawing, Pokemon

Today, my sweet Chibi turns 16!!

Happy Birthday!!

"happy birthday, it's your birthday,
 happy birthday, it's your birthday,

Teehee~ I've been annoying him the whole day with this tune :P

so evil >:D

Today me and the basketball guys had training at 7am in the morning for 2 hours... what a great way to start Chibi's birthday. It got better afterwards when we all meet up at botany to have lunch and pigged out at various places. I was looking forward to Chibi taking me to Eat Asian and try out Malaysian dishes unfortunately the place just had to be close on Mondays... but I was still good with sushi.

Me, Alvin and Xiao Fan had free movie tickets from our school award ceremony, so we all decided to watched "Skyfall". However I ended up being the only one who brought my tickets along... This was my first time watching a James Bond movie, so I thought it was pretty cool and intense, but the ending was so very sad T^T

I still prefer cartoons though ^ ^ really looking forward to watch "Wreak-It Ralph" after Christmas!!


I was inspire to draw a picture to dedicate it to Chibi 5 hours before his birthday... I accidentally overwrote my first draft, which I was pretty disappointed about, since I wanted to post my progress. Though it was my first time using SAI, so... screw that.

I finished the picture in 4 hours and was planning to post it at exactly 12am on his Facebook page. Yes, I am a retard thinking that I would be the first to post... Another friend ended up beating me and posting at 10:30pm when it isn't even the next day yet!! So I just posted it around 11:30pm at second place. RAMON YOU EVIL!!

Anyways this is the finial drawing, enjoy :)

Since it's the holidays I would have more time to draw and hopefully post them :)

Pokemon Freak Is Back

Today I got 2 pokeballs!!!!! A master ball and ultra ball from Pokemon. I wanted to get the normal pokeballs but I got them at random... but I'm satisfied, because master ball is awesome!!

This is my master ball with a Rashiram, who's the black and white edition legendary Pokemon.

Chibi lent me his Pokemon Handbook for the holiday to stalk my favourite Pokemons. POKEMON ULTIMATE HANDBOOK!! Eevee Evolution are few of my top favorite Pokemons, especially Flareon, because I adore fire types.

And of course Pikachu!! He's just so adorable >.< and he's yellow, which is a huge bonus, because that's my favourite colour. I have other favourites too, but I shall post them another time :P

Magikarp..... I don't what you guys think, but he's is truly the most useless Pokemon ever... However once he evolves he's super OP. There was a meme about Magikarp once saying, "Just wait till I evolve, I'll f***** kill you all." Which really made me laugh a lot XD


  1. Ngaw that's cute (: did coco end up going?

    btw did you know the girl in skyfall is part cambodia? :D her mum was french and her dad was chinese cambodian.

  2. yeah coco and her boyfriend came :D o i c, she did looked mixed O.O but had a lot of makeup on... so sad when she died though :(