Tuesday, 18 December 2012

After The Rain Comes A Rainbow

I believe this world is fair, when bad things happen, good things follow and when good things happen, bad things follow.

Like when it rains and ruins your plans for the day, at less you get to see a rainbow afterwards. That's pretty much what happened today when I wanted to meet up with Chibi. However later that day when me and my dad went to scout a new listing land, the people there lent me a beautiful umbrella. So I started taking photos as we were guided around the boundary lines. I guess this can replace the rainbow.

Rainbow Umbrella
I like this umbrella, it brings colour into the gloomy rainy day. I wonder where I could buy one too haha.

The garden
 The garden on the land was huge!! And once the sun came out the place became so bright and peaceful.

Rainbow Umbrella Again
 I'm just amused by the colours :)

As I mentioned before I am a huge Pokemon fan and I was inspired today to start designing my next year's exercise book covers. One of the images that I really liked is this one from www.zerochan.net and it just happened to be in a rainbow coloured order too. Eevee evolution are few of my top favourite Pokemons!!

I shall post my exercise book cover designs later in the holidays.
By Kitorinote from Zerochan

Also I was looking forward to tomorrow's break from basketball training, but at the last minute I informed that I have work starting tomorrow for the next 6 days till Christmas Eve... On Thursday I also have basketball training from 7am - 9am and then I need to rush to work at 10am - 6pm. Hope I survive...


  1. ohmygosh i spent yesterday obsessing over colours in colorlovers.com :3 kinda the same but not really :L and i was watching pokemon with sonny too, ive decided I love meganium :D they say meganium isn't that good but sooo cute man :3 cant wait to see your cover :D

    1. meganium is pretty :3 yeah but I just realised I only have my calculus exercise book that I need to prettify...