Friday, 21 December 2012

Thousand Origami Cranes

I always loved origami, which is the Japanese term for paper folding. There is a Japanese myth that if you fold 1000 origami cranes you'll be granted a wish. I haven't dedicated my time to fold 1000 cranes yet, but I occasionally fold some when I have time to spear.

Today I went shopping at Dressmart with Seryna and Anh. We planned this shopping spree together ages ago, so I had to ask for a day of work and luckily I had no training today either.

I almost never shop for clothes, but I needed some new tops and dressmart had pretty good deals. Someday when I have the time and effort, I'll post how I look in them :) Sorry I don't know the fancy names for these clothes, so I will just label them by their colour...

4 tops:
blue one and grey one, $5 each, original $19.95 each, from cotton on
white one and reddish brown one, 2 for $15, originally $29.99 and $39.99, from just jeans

1 bottom:
mint coloured demin shorts, $15, originally $39.99, from dotti
(I actually want some more colours now... might go back some other day)

3 notebooks:
A4 spinout notebooks, $2 each, originally $7.95, from typo

sweet treats : love : confetti

I was looking through some old photos on my camera the other day... Things you find on there are quite fascinating. This was me around this time last year, bwahahaha I see what my mum meant when she use to always tell me off for not being girly enough. This is the shortest I've had ever cut my hair, haha look like a boy.

And yes, my taste in clothing was very weird too. It still is, but I am gradually starting to look like a normal human being now.

Another old photo that I found which brings back memories. This was taken at the top of Rangitoto Island, where our 2 group completed our Duke Of Edinburgh, bronze expedition. I still remember the cows that almost killed us...

My grandparents sent me a mountain of textbooks from China... A total of 38 textbooks, 4 chemistry books, 4 physics books and the rest is all maths books... and it's all written in Chinese, which I never learned to read... HELPFUL! Well I guess the next half of my holiday will be studying these...

O hai there XP

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