Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Nerd's Productive Holiday

Chibi gave me a bark that he found :)
Summer is here!! So the weather has been really nice to me lately, so I was able to go out for more walks and meet up with Chibi.

My holiday schedule has been filled with plenty of basketball games and training and also referee training. Meaning I had to visit my school more than 4 times a week, which didn't really make me miss the place at all. Basketball trainings have been at 7 in the morning on Mondays and Fridays... I am definitely not a morning person, so waking up at 6 in the morning is a huge challenge, but knowing that Chibi will be there really does motivate me to get up. This holiday I signed up for international fiba referee training with Chibi, Captian Alvin and Panhead-san, which has been very fun other than our teacher ditching us 3 out of 5 sessions so far. The guys ended up shooting hoops, while I observed.

This Wednesday was 12/12/12 the last repetitive day in my lifetime, unless I live for another 100 years, which is highly unlikely. It was also my dad's 46th birthday!! Our family went out for dinner and had really nice Chinese food.

Of course it's not a Chinese birthday without noodles, so our family ordered noodles with crayfish. YUM!

My dad rarely poses for pictures O.O

The Cake

My Grandparents

Dear Santa,
I've been a pretty good kid this year and all I ask for is to be able to spend plenty of time with my boyfriend and a new toothbrush.
Thank You!

This holiday my dad has been nagging me a lot to practice my driving... so yesterday I decided to practice even though my body was sore from training in the morning. We drove around our neighborhood, all most dying at roundabouts and getting in the way of other cars. My dad decided to take me onto the motorway, at that moment I really thought my dad was crazy...

Though I found the motorway pretty simple other than the fact that we're going at a deadly speed... eventually we meet a traffic jam on our way to the Northshore, which I was actually happy about, because I could go super slow.

Here are some shots on my way back and no, I was not driving while taking picture or else I would have driven off the Auckland Harbor bridge by then.

Auckland City

The ocean of the Harbor Bridge

Me relaxing while my dad drove us home
While we were in Northshore, which took me about an hour to get there, we went to the Alberny Mall to get something to eat and drink. I've been wanting to try out Mac Donald's new mango and pineapple smash smoothie... I think that's what it's called. Anyways I love anything that has mango. And I think it was really nice and refreshing after driving for like an hour in the hot sun.


Lindor Chocolate are my favourite!! However I was disappointed that I didn't get the white chocolate one in my box...

My new piece is sketching this girl who's holding a ball and racket, so hopefully I can post up my finished piece in a month's time.

I Heart Cute Stationary!!


  1. Wahahaaha my dad saw driving on our drive :3

    1. yeah XP my dad wants me to get use to driving to your place XD