Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pokemon FREAK

Summer is HERE!! However the weather doesn't seem to show that atm...

I was suppose to blog a few days ago but my internet and computer decided to be a totally jerk. Though I do understand that everyone has these moments, so I saved my thoughts till the jerk decided to come down.

my car keys with a bell so I'll never lose it
Asian parents logic makes no sense...
You see, the other day my dad lost his wallet somewhere in the house. It took him forever, but he couldn't find it. So I obviously had to help hunt for the missing wallet and it took me less than a minute to find it in the car. Instead of a thank you, I ended up getting lectured for not using my holiday time productively... Now I have been assigned work by my parents for the rest of the holiday, which is learning to read and write Chinese (save me), practice my driving, babysitting my nephew and finishing a painting for the house.

They clearly don't understand that I also have 2 basketball trainings a week, fifa referee sessions and art classes...

I shall be babysitting this young one during the holiday... He's such a poser

Leo Star Sign Necklace from Diva
Big Ideas Book and pens from Typo, and a new sketch book
Last week I finally got to hang out with my two besties, Anh and Seryna. I was actually an hour late, because I slept in and I couldn't find my friendship bracelet... Eventually I found it a day after, thought they were gonna slaughter me if they find out...

 I got a new sketch book, which I hope can motivate me to start drawing again this holiday. I was suprised when I realised my hands were super shaky when I was trying to draw, I also had trouble putting pressure on the pens. Must have exhausted my hands from basketball training...

my drawing of a cute raccoon

I received my early Christmas/ 3 months/ very late birthday present from Chibi last week, which was lots of yummy snacks from Malaysia, pokemon conquest ds game and a very sweet message. I devoured the snacks before I could take a picture and the message is not for sharing, but you can see me collection of pokemon games.

Chibi's girlfriend is a pokemon freak... Lucky him :)
I played pokemon conquest for 3 days straight, a total of 23 hours which eventually lead to sore thumbs. It was a fun game, where I felt like the bad guy, because I had to invade other kingdoms. My warrior had an Eevee, that eventually evolved into a Flareon! I adore fire type pokemon, not only do they kick ass, but also because my horoscope is Leo a fire type star sign and my zodiac is the fire rat. Wasn't it meant to be. I also love Pikachu, because he's so cute and yellow!!


  1. The racoon ohmagaw so cute :3 and bahha your sore thumb, we heard all about it. AND THAT'S WHY YOU WRE LATE! But its okay since you found it again :L

    1. i knew you were gonna read it =_= but you can't slaughter me now XD