Saturday, 24 November 2012

Teenager's Rage For Internet

I was suppose to post yesterday... but my internet decided to be a complete idiot! I swear it's the people who rent part of the house downstairs. Someday I'll sneak into their part of the house and smash their computer. Since they decided to be so inconsiderate about a teenager's desperate need for internet access. I honestly don't understand what they are doing, because we clearly have plenty of gb to spare....

By the way, check out my awesome mustache ring. My friend Shakira (aka BOSS) started her own business and is selling jewellery online and at the Pakuranga Saturday Night Market where I also go help out. So if your interested check, go check out her online store Ma Cherie or come along to the night market if you live in Auckland New Zealand.

Ma cherie
Facebook page:
Online Store:

On the Ma cherie facebook page, the photoshot of the products was by Seryna, who did modelling, photography and editing!! She's to pro...
You can check out her blog too, it's awesome!

Today I had fun hanging out with Shakira and her mum at the Howick Morning Market. Where we both got some cool shots to share.

The most adorable puppy in the world!!
Sushi in Howick
Christmas Spirit in Botany Town Center
Kiwiyo: New York Cheesecake Frozen Yoghurt


I'm Asian so I obviously love my cute stationary. Even though it's still early I have already found the exercise books that I'll being using for my next year courses.

Weekly Scheduler
English And Economics Exercise Books
My weekly scheduler is so adorable and very flexible with the time frame that it can be used in.

 I write the most in my English and economics classes, so these two exercise books is plenty to last for a year's course. ==>

Chemistry and Physics Exercise Books

And these two exercise books are for my lose notes for chemistry and physics.

I am also taking industrial design next year, which I don't need an exercise book for since I would be handing in a portfolio.

Also since I am a maths and calculus nerd, I go through many maths exercise books throughout the year, so I thought I might as well just stick to the standard exercise books.

Anyways I can't wait for the holidays, but I still have physics and economics exams to go.... Need to study now. Bye Bye~


  1. OH MY GOD SO I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO ALREADY HAVE MY EXERCISE BOOKS YAYS :D The english and eco books are too adorable. I saw the chem and physics ones at the japanese store we went to before :O

  2. Yeah I held back the temptation this year to use the ones from the Japanese store. Since it's freshman year we're clueless about what stationary do we actually need. So I decide not to waste it >.< I want to go back to the Japanese store and get more books someday XP