Friday, 23 November 2012

Red String Of Fate

My hair was behaving today so that made life easier. If only it can do that everyday... I am trying to let it grow and hopefully it doesn't get in the way. Cutting it will result to my friends and family slaughtering me.

Today I was over at Seryna's place after a physics tutorial at school, to catch up with our sweet buddy Jenny, who unfortunately went to our neighboring school after grad. So it's been like a year since we last saw her.

I knew they were gonna take photos today which I thought I could avoid, but that plan failed... but since the photos are taken I'll share a few in today's blog.

The Myth of the Red String Of Fate

I've been trying to explain a chinese myth to my boyfriend, but that attempt failed since I couldn't remember how it went. However now that I have done my research I thought I can share it.

The red string of fate is a Chinese legend from long long ago, that the god of marriage would tie invisible red strings on the pinky's of two destined lovers. No matter, who, when or where and they are destined to meet each other one day and fall in love. The red string can tangle and stretch at times in the relationship, but it will never break. Therefore everyone has a soulmate at the other end of their own red string waiting for the chance to meet at the right time.

Afternoon Tea

catching up with an old friend = getting forced into a skirt

 More Photos on Seryna's blog: check it out :)

Jenny also just started her blog, checking that out won't hurt either:

Summer Is Around The Corner


  1. hehe aw <3 LOVEE YOUR BLOG x sweeet heart!!!!!!1 :DDD xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Jenny ^ ^ I'm gonna go stalk yours XP