Friday, 11 January 2013

New Year New Things

Happy New Year Everyone :)

 I finally have internet!!! Hooray!!! My first post of the year XD
Summer has finally kicked in. Loving the weather, other than the fact that I'm dying under this heat.
A new year is a new start, so why not try something new. Don't judge me, but the other day was my first time ever trying Starbucks. My buddy Sabrina recommended me drinks that she liked and I thought Green Tea Frappuccino was most appealing to my taste.
It was so nice :3 where has it been all my life O.O I think I'm in love XP
Chibi and I spent our first New Years Eve together. We watched "Wreck It Ralph" and spent the day together at Botany. One of my post's centuries ago had these couple whistle necklaces that I tried ordering online, but were unfortunately out of stock... Instead while we went around shopping, we found these couple phone charms!! Both me and Chibi are training to be International FIBA referees, so I thought whistles symbolise us well. I also added adorable bells to them, because I just love the sound of bells. It looks so cute :D
Later that day on New Years Eve, I went into Auckland City with my parents, to watch the count down fireworks at the Sky Tower. This photo was one of the last fireworks shoots. RAINBOW!!
Here are some of my buys since New Year:
~Hard Yellow Samsung Galaxy S3 Case and Orange iPad with Retina case (I didn't even know another iPad was released till I went to the stores... apple's advertisement skills...)
~2013 Hunger Games Desk Calendar
~Maybellins Baby Lips Mango Pie, because I've already finished my previous one XP
~The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter, I've always wanted the mango one, but only the peach one was on special, $25, originally $36. It smells so good!!
~iPad Smart Cover, I actually got it for free... so I guess it isn't really a buy XP
~350ml Drink Bottle, it's so cute OMG!! Found a Japanese store in the city the other day, but I didn't get much time to look around... apparently everything is $3.50 O.o
Chibi manage to break my pink wallet that I got on boxing day DX So I got a new one that was pretty much the exact same... however when I got home I took my time and managed to fix my pink wallet :) I was pretty proud of my skills XP but now I have 2 of the same thing... =_=
O well, a girl can never have to many wallets XP
 BTW I have neglected my deviant art account for a long time... Thought I might get back to it since it's the holidays :) Check it out if you have time to spear XP


  1. I think I know which Japanese store you're talking about :D and it was like 2 for 7 something and three for ten.