Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back To Schoolbag

School is about to start again! So better start packing my school bag now XP
I "USE" to have a more preferred school bag than this one, which was stronger and bigger, but I decided to donate it to a burglar earlier this holiday... So until I find a new suitable school bag, this will have to do. I don't dislike this bag or anything, but it's pretty weak and I'm just those types of people who packs way to much to school than they need to... Last year Seryna and Anh described my bag as a survival pack and Alan said I keep bricks in my bag =_= I see what they mean, but I just can't abandon anything DX
 I always hated going to war with my earphones in my bag, so I decided to find it a home :)
 Yes, I have 2 pencil cases... DONT JUGDE ME!! I love stationary >.<
 Some essentials: Tissue, Lip Balm, Mint, Contact Lens Case, Hair Tie Case, USB and Earphone  Case
 My electronics: iPad and Calculator
 Lunch Bag, Lunch Box, Snack Box and Chopsticks
 Notebook, Fineliners, Wallet and Deodorant
Books (I only need 2 each day, depending on the class)
 Of course my PHONE!
 And a drink bottle, because I need fresh water to keep me hydrated throughout the day :)
~How I pack~
It's important to keep my drink bottle, pencil case and mint handy. For the chopsticks... well you never know when you need to chop someone ;P
The bigger objects (Books, Lunch, Big Pencil Case, iPad, Fineliners and Notebook) stay in the big pocket, ordered from big to small order.
The medium size things stay in the second pocket, avoiding them in the big pockets, so I don't need to dig to the bottom of the bag for them.
 And the small things go in the very front for easy access.
I know there's a lot... So what things do you think I shouldn't pack and is there anything I missed??
Also don't forget snacks!!

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