Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dear Mathematics

 Dear Mathematics,
Thank you for always being there for me T^T -tears of joy-
At less you won't fail me >.<
This is my NCEA level 2 mathematics results XD straight Excellences!!
My NCEA results came out yesterday and I was pretty disappointed with my exam results, other than my maths and chemistry. I knew I failed my English, which wasn't really a surprise. However I couldn't believe that I didn't get a single Excellence in Economics... very depressing =_= I still got overall NCEA Level 1 endorsed with Excellence at less :)
Shooting hoops before training :3
As always basketball training in the holidays. Our last training a total of 10 guys from the team showed up, finally they have a whole team O.O guess they won't need me soon XP We're slowly getting into pre-season training. Yay! Hopefully no more off-season training... to painful.
My pancake :D
The other day me and some friends celebrated Alex's 16th birthday at Genghis Khan. I would have prepared a present if I didn't find out about the celebration a day before... Hmmm I wonder what to get him?? Anyways afterwards we went to this Korean karaoke place next door for 2 hours. I manage to teach myself how to type Korean in that time frame.
 Testing out my phone camera effects
 My progress on my piece in art class atm :)
Can't wait to post it when it's finished XD

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