Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mad Marine Camp

I'm a survivor!! I just returned from a 3 day camp :)
For the past 3 days I have been at the Mad Marine Camp on Motutapu Island. When I saw the cows on the farms there, I was like, "I'm back!" Which brings back memories of the life and death situation I had with them, during my Duke Of Ed Bronze expedition tramp... However this time I left the island with a totally new point of view. Understanding the beautiful history and the natural environment of the two islands, Rangitoto and Motutapu. Which truly inspired me to make a difference when I return to my community and school.
Yellow Team: aka SpongeBob!!
Me and Alex were representing our school, Ormiston Senior College at the 2013 Mad Marine Camp. As always we ended up together in some sort of event again. If only Cara was there >.< then it would be like good old days. Coincidently we were also put into the "yellow" team, it felt like it was meant to be :) Yellow was our previous whanau colour and also my favourite colour :3
For the past 3 days, we met heaps of people from a lot of other schools all around Auckland. Everyone was so funny and smart, with awesome personalities :) I had a chance to make many new friends, which I truly suck at. Since I can never really make the first move to say hi... However I eventually got to know the members in the yellow team (Neel, Jenny, Monique, Freda, Reane, Caitlin, Stephanie, Arianna and Mathew). It was really great getting to know them all :)
 To preserve my phone batteries I didn't take much photos... but there's still plenty here ^ ^

Turning Mad:
~Day One~
Arriving at the camp: field facing the beach O_O
Day One Dinner: Group Made Pizza!!
Michael and Clinton, if you ever read this just to let you know you guys are awesome :)
~Day Two~
6am morning walk to the historical sites... SUN RISE
I've gone back to my horrible sleeping habits this holiday... still not really a morning person atm XP
The old army place
Arianna holding a Kina found in the rock pools :D looks delicious XP
We also went snorkelling, kayaking that day. It was my first time experiencing falling out of my kayak and it just had to be when I had my glasses on =_= I was really looking forward to snorkelling, because I love swimming with fishes and experiencing their environment. Our group saw many beautiful Snappers and other fish that I couldn't name from the top of my head XP
~Day Three~
On the last day we climbed to the summit of Rangitoto
This was my second time visiting Rangitoto and Motutapu Island and it has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Mad Marine!! You've truly turned me MAD XD
~Marine Planning Photography Activity~

Freda: We Are The Future
Arianna: Be A Hero

Alex: Do It Yourself!

During the group activity, we had to take some photos around the beach. So I was able to use my phone and show my editing software skills XP this was one of my favourite activities, because people were complimenting on my photography. Which truly made me happy :)
~Buy of the day~
Cute Contact Lens Case :3