Sunday, 3 February 2013

Coconut Ice Fudge

Yesterday Sabrina and I went to the Pakuranga Night Market for food and headphone dock charms :)
(if your reading this Sabrina, sorry for almost getting you killed... note to self: never cross the road with me)

Before Shakira bought fudge from this stall at the night market and I remember the samples were soooooooo good. So yeah... I couldn't resist XP I believe this one is a Valentines edition <3
Guess who's it for -^ ^-
(I've already devoured the chocolate one sorry...)

Sabrina and I picked out really cute headphone dock charms, which basically are charms that you stick into your phone or ipod docks. I thought this one was pretty cute :3
 Idk why I got this =_= but it's awesome XD I can use them as cups or bowls to serve water, soup, fruit, salad, rice, etc :3
I had to restock on eye drops for school and they gave me the cutest sample bottle ever XD I also picked out another adorable contact lenses case since it was cheap.

Captain Alan decided to give me these Lady Gaga Heartbeats he got from his last trip to China :)
Apparently they are high quality fakes LOL

 Milkis <3

One of my favourite places to eat would be Kanda: sushi and grill
Their fried chicken with secret recipe is the best XD

So photos from Mad Marine taken by other Madsters :)

Team Yellow: SPONGEBOB!!

I mentioned in my previous blog that we went kayaking and my kayak flipped =_=

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