Thursday, 21 March 2013

Life Is Sweet

I have been wanting to blog for weeks! Ever since school started, life has been keeping me busy. Finally a YOLO moment has hit me. I'm suppose to be doing my design brief analysis and visual brainstorm for my industrial design class right now, but I am more inspired to blog at the moment than work... So if this becomes my last post in my life time. The reason may be that I never lived to tell the tale after tomorrow's industrial class.


Hmmm.. so update on life. Well a few weeks ago it was me and Chibi's 6 months. -YAY-

It was on a school day though, so we couldn't really do anything special. I also had really bad timing, because I had to attend a dinner with my dad at this formal business dinner thingy that night...

Not only did I have other plans on our anniversary, but also Chibi got me presents and I didn't =_=" yes, i know... worst girlfriend of the year...

On the left is a white tiger poster! Which I have had my eyes on for soooooo long and every time when I visit Botany Town Center, I would go stare at the poster to satisfy myself. And of course, every time I'm at botany Chibi was there too, so he noticed -^ ^- Also, the funny thing was that when he gave it to me in it's rolled up packaging. I actually thought for a sec that he gave me wrapping paper... so it was an awkward moment in my head, when I thought he bought me wrapping paper for me to wrap his own present in. Yes, I have my retarded moments and plenty of them too.

The cutie on the right, we've decided to call him Baby Po. Doesn't he look exactly like Po from Kungfu Panda 2 when he was a baby!! I love him so much 8(>.<)8 just look at his eyes!! LOOK AT THEM!!! And of course, nerds candy for a nerd like me :)


The beginning of each new school year is when school life is at it's most least stressful point. 

This year, my courses are: Mathematics with Calculus, Chemistry, English, Industrial Design and Physics.
Unfortunately economics clashed with my calculus class, so I had to make a life changing decision. I can still pick up economics next year though, but I'll have to work my butt off to catch up...

This is probably the best pick up line I have ever come across! I am such a maths freak...

I've recently joined my school's robotics team. Not surprisingly, I'm the only girl... ( Xiaofan, you're not a woman in my books!! ) I am 100% noob at this though, so I'm sorry guys for being useless!

Chemistry is one of my favourite subjects at the moment *gasp* and yesterday I just heard about my results. This was my first Chemistry assessment and my paper was a perfect mark!! It was a breath taking moment, because my observation was different to the smart people in my class and I was gonna cry =_=


During one training I didn't feel so well so I decided to sit aside and watch. Knowing me, obviously I would take some photos. Sadly, the boys were moving to fast!! So they turned out blurry and I had to use very very strong effects on them to hide that...

Hmmmmm I attempted to make this look like a drawing thing... ATTEMPTED



Some of my tummies favourites:

Green Tea Frappachino from Starbucks
Yoghurt For Men -Mango and Coconut Flakes- (DON'T JUDGE ME!! it's really good)

Deep Fried Ice Cream
(I was too full at the time to finish it... *sigh* regrets...)


It's nice to take care of your body, because it simple makes you happy and refreshed.
 Drinks Up Hydrating Mask from Origins
Cotton Facial Masks (I've only tried the grape seed extract one at the moment -purple packet- LOVE) 

Don't you hate it when you're trying to go to bed, but you get that spark of inspiration and you're like, "WHY!!" That's pretty much what forced me to make this D.I.Y Lip Scrub... in the middle of the night! I got this cute lip sorbet, lip balm -vanilla- from Seryna in my little Christmas gift box. Thank you Seryna X3 However I had to many that I needed to use up before I can open this one... Also, because of this adorable packaging I decided t change it into a lip scrub. Which turned out great :)

Just because I like this photo, but I don't want on vain on Facebook. so I'm gonna vain here instead :)

My life is full of so many sweet things and people -^ ^- I'm very grateful, thank you.

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