Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Chance To Begin Again

Happy Easter!

Me and Chibi have been observing these swan plants every time we go for our afternoon walks together and it's so amazing to see the caterpillars finally go into their cocoon forms. When I was a kid, the common life cycle exemplar is the life cycle of a monarch butterfly. So I think it suits the title of my post today "a chance to begin again", which is based on this weekend being the Easter Holiday. From my understandings, Easter is the day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Hmmm, I wonder how chocolate eggs got involved?

Other than a new beginning, I tried something new today. I've been hearing about macaroons so much that I had to try it. I bought two from the McCafe today, one mango and one raspberry flavoured. It did meet my expectations, hard on the outside, chewy on the inside and a creamy filling. Mmmmm, SO GOOD >.<

I liked the mango one the most <3

More than a week ago was David's sweet sixteen. Nawwwww~ big boy now :3

We didn't get to celebrate on the day, because the guys had just returned from their tramp expedition. They returned pretty much all disabled for the day, so we decided to celebrate the next week. We went to Kanda, Sushi and Grill, which is one of my top favorite places to eat and the best place for our birthday boy's never ending stomach capacity. We also went to watch Jack The Giant Slayer in 3D, because big scary giants just had to be more realistic =_=" the film was based on the fairy tale Jack And The Bean Stalk. I think it was awesome other than half the time I was covering my eyes and ears...

 We arrived at the cinemas more than an hour early and since no stores were open on Good Friday, we sat down and veined for a bit. I like this photo so much T^T *tears of joy*

During the week the boy's team had a friendly game against Pak and I was able to go film the game :D
It wasn't really friendly though...

I did make a short highlights clip, but it's not on my computer and I can't be bothered to transfer it right now from my iPad... blablabla... So if you wanted to watch it, you can hate me till I'm bothered to post it :)

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