Saturday, 13 April 2013

Earphones Immune Me From Salesmans

I was stalking a butterfly in the garden of swan plants today. I thought it was really pretty and started taking photos of it. Then it decided to fly at me, which made me scream... O right, I'm still deathly afraid of bugs.

Is it a wallet? No, it's a phone case :D

I decided to go to the Pakranga Night Market to pick up this cutie today. What made me get it was because, from the last time I went with Sabrina, she got one for her mum. I really liked it too and I thought it would be very convenient when I just need to bring my essentials for school, training and running errands.

In the phone case: Samsung Galaxy S3, ASB eftpos card, Student ID, Driver Licence and Cash

You know your parents have abandoned you when have to go buy your own toothpaste... T^T *cry*

I'm an awkward turtle around strangers and while I went around botany alone today, what I was most afraid of are the sales men and sales women in the shops. I always failed at trying to reject them on the spot when they recommend me stuff that I don't need. When that happens, it gets really awkward once they've gone through the effort to introduce something to me and I don't want to buy it... I feel really bad then, because I just wasted 5 minutes of their life.

However today was different, because I decided to wear my earphones the whole time while I was shopping and the magic happened O_O No one came up to me to offer help :) I feel so anti-social, but it works! I didn't even have music on half the time too. I guess it's kind of impolite to be ignoring people in public, but at less I saved 5 minutes of the sales peoples' lives.

I felt like spending today... Chibi almost told me off =.="

Falsies Volume Express Mascara. from Maybelline, my eyelashes don't exist, so I though I would treat myself to some good mascara.

Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover, from Neutrogena, because obviously you'll need that if you're going to use water proof mascara...

Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion with SPF 15, from The Body Shop, I finished my Missha Aqua Hydrating Emulsion, so I decided to try another brand.

Dream Fresh BB, from Maybelline, this wasn't on my 'to get list', but I thought I'd give it a try.

It's getting chilly now and my old denim skinny jeans needed to retire.

I own a pair of the same skinny jeans, but in black. Which was a birthday present from my sister. She got them for $50 last year and these were originally $50 as well, but was on special today for $20.

Yes, size 10... but I'm a happy fatty :D

Preparation for hibernation!!

Yellow and orange are my favourite colours ^ ^

Soft Bed Socks, $3, Made In Korea

I can't seem to find my 2 old pairs...
Kuroko and Tetsuya No.2, from Kuroko no basket
Kuroko is awesome >.< that's why my basketball uniform is number 11 too XD

Only one more week before term 1 school holidays :)

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