Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Capture The Moment

Yesterday the weather was great so I decided to go swimming and Chibi was able to come along too :)
We had a good hour swim, realising our terrible fitness and that it's gonna get us killed when off season training comes along. Afterwards we had lunch at Carl's Junior and I got to open my Christmas gift.

The next three photos were taken by Chibi's phone, because he wanted to prove that it was better than my camera. His LG g2 has a 13MP rear camera and my camera is 12.1MP... Smartphones these days =_=

O gosh... I'm getting spoiled by Chibi >.<

 Foooood!!! We basically ate back the calories we just lost and more...

I got a Guaca Bacon Thick Burger, mMmmmm.

Today is my dad's birthday, so I decided to pull out the camera to test out ^ ^
Some of the photos didn't turn out very good as I'm still testing out the brightness adjustment.

My two favourites and it's not cause I'm in it. I'm tempting to write on the frame, but I don't know if I'm ready to be dedicated DX

I had to drop by Botany today, so decided to pick up more film. I stood in front of my options for quite some time until I decided to get the biggest pack. Sorted for life, well not really. Oh and if you were wondering, I didn't get the golden ticket as mentioned on the packaging.

Ehhh not the best work out there, but you know it gives off the holiday spirit ^ ^

Happy holiday's everyone :)


  1. Instax mini film is so freakin expensive. If they put the price down on them then I'd buy them often and use it a lot with my friends and on special occasions.
    Do you agree also?

    1. Yeah they are DX when I was deciding which film pack to get the 100 film was more worth because it came down to 99c a film (nzd btw) and the 20 pack was like around $1.35 a film. I'm gonna use the film quite sparingly... so hopefully it will last for a while.