Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sushi and BBQ

I promised treating Sabrina to sushi since like term 3? Anyways finally I made my promise and treated her to Daruma Sushi Go-Around, mMmmm...

"Garlic Mayo Prawns Nagiri"

My favourite "Seared Teriyaki Salmon Nagiri" <3

 I think this was a Chirstmas special? Sabrina picked it so I'm not so sure XP

Me and Sabrina chilled at Starbucks for a bit later on after walking around botany and I picked up a small surprise for Chibi as well :)

On Sunday, Alan finally held his BBQ for his birthday which was like 2 weeks ago.
The head chef preparing our meal, FOOOOOOOOD!!!

Someone's happy getting food ^ ^

 We played a day of Mahjong and a Chinese card game... I can just imagine the future when we're all oldies. Don't you think the spring roll kinda representing a cigarette lol.

I thought these cans' packaging were special :3 and I lost at Jenga =_=

I swear every photo of us together is somewhat similar to this...

~ my beautiful minion ~

~ the sky was looking pretty ~

Btw I recently started play League Of Legends and wow I'm so crap... but there is a sign of improvement after a few games. I finally understand the gibberish the guys speck around me :O


  1. The sushi looks super yum! Now I'm feeling like a salmon roll hehe. Oh and have you tried the new Starbucks frappes? They are so good - especially the gingerbread one! By the way, you and your boyfriend are adorable asdfghjkl! x

    1. I haven't yet D: I got my boyfriend the toffee nut (is that the name?) one and I stuck with green tea at the time... I shall try the gingerbread one next time :) Hahaha and thanks I'll let him know XP