Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Zoo Trip With The Coasties

I finally have my hands on a laptop while I'm in Melbourne, so here's another late post.

So a day before I had to fly to Melbourne, Anh invited me along to a Zoo trip with the old coast buddies. The day before I actually caught no sleep at all omg... So I was so tired =_=" So after the long day I just collapse on my bed after being awake for around 28 hours...

Coast for life :D

 It's so rare to get Anh out of the house, so must make to most of it. Oh, and I'm starting to wear dresses now. Since my hair is getting long it kinda hides my awkwardly broad shoulders.

One word, nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3

I just wanted a photo of everyone's shoes ^ ^

 Bamboo!!! I usually don't approve of vandalism, but this was kinda cute.

It's not a zoo post if there's not animal picture, though I must work on my photography techniques...

The animals weren't all that lively to be honest... but then again who doesn't get tired of their jobs eventually.

 Here are so Polaroids I took :)
I ended up forgetting to get a photo with Chibi other than that one Polaroid photo...

Anyways more posts coming soon. I finally got these ones out of the way, so next comes parts of my Melbourne trip.

See ya then :)


  1. I haven't gone to the zoo since years ago, and now I feel like I should pay another visit xD I thought the rhino was a statue when I saw it! Are they really that pasty? Sorry, That was racist xD

    1. Lol the rhino walked past us so I was really fortunate to get that photo XD I believe it was a white rhino, but I may be wrong.

  2. Hope you had a fabulous day out at the ZOO awww hahaha when i went to the zoo, ohgod the rainning hardout, literally pouring.... haha but it looks like the weather was fine for you! hehehe
    (Pretty daisy <3 )