Friday, 3 February 2012

Im not a NERD, Im just smarter than YOU!

Year 11, first year in NCEA, the pressure =.="

It's been 4 days since I started Ormiston Senior College and we've been doing really stupid group activities, but today we finally started class!!! We found out our classes in the morning and I was so shocked to see 12MAT (year 12 mathematics) on my timetable!!!!! Like seriously OMG O.o at first I didn't want to be too excited, because if it was all a mistake then I would be really depressed afterward.... but it wasn't!!!!!

Also I got into the two option classes I wanted which was Economics (never taken it before) and Technology Hard Material (it's my 3rd year taking it). In Technology class I was the only girl.... I guess this really isn't a feminine subject. Our first Economics class was hilarious since we had a competition with the Yr 12 class. In the finals I represented my group for a paper, scissors, ROCK! duel and we won! Thanks to my dad who had always been practicing with me over house chores. It actually came in handy I guess....

Miku~ I just love this picture at the moment ^ ^

I'm gonna try and draw this...


3D Origami of Mama Panda and Baby Panda XD
Took like 297 piece for the mama and 127 for the baby =.="

Alex's Birthday Present ~Hamtaro~
Took like 216 piece

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