Wednesday, 25 April 2012

School Isn't Just About Studying

It's not everyday that your school staff takes students to a pub at night... Haha don't get the wrong idea, nothing illegal was involved. It was an awesome night, me and friends from the debating team (Shakira, Nate and Alex) and their parents participated in a quiz night held at the Celsius Bar in Botany Junction. I didn't really help though, only answered 2 questions (based on maths). Our team (The Avengers) got 9th out of 15 teams. Note: we we're the youngest group there. We ended up getting owned by grandmas and grandpas.

Forgot to take a camera with me last night... but there was a picture online, I think it's really nice. I promise if I visit again I'll take some nice pictures.

The outdoor bit... it was to cold last night to sit outside.

Today, Happy ANZAC Day.

Even though it's suppose to be a holiday (no school) I still turned up at school at 10 in the morning. It was worth it though, because it was the guys first official Basketball match this year. After watching them I can't wait for the under 17's girls season to start. Today I went to help do the timing and the score keeping, this is when my pro mathematics skills came in handy I guess.


  50   ~    87     loss for us =.="

Apparently those guys were year 13's, so I guess it was pretty good since most of the guys in our team were year 11's.

I found it funny how all the guys in our team were Asians (mostly Chinese) and only one guy on their team was Asian and he was quite pro though.

It was a good chance for the guys to test out their formations.

Don in "HI" formation

Jackie's layup... (I think this one didn't make it in though.)

Felix was super cool! Many shots and good defense. Found a pretty funny picture. Hope he doesn't see this.

It's amazing how high he jumps O.O

Xiao Fan was the tall one on the team, but the guys on the other team were even taller. Still he manage to get many rebounds and awesome defense.

These guys got really bored in the last quarter, didn't get to go on.

David tired to avoid the camera haha to late.

Brendan was super serious, his shots were amazing, but not as accurate as usual, I guess the pressures got him there.

Felix SHOTS!

And he scores

Layup or Hook ....

can't tell


In my head: miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss

Reality: gets in....

The other teams did a lot of fast breaks in the first quarter, which really used up their energy by the time it was around the third and fourth quarter. 
Great Jobs Guys! 4, 15mins rounds was a long game (total 1 hr). There was a moment in the last quarter when you guys did an amazing shoot! To bad I didn't record it. It was so awesome, you could see how the ball just flew from one to another (super swift), that definitely caught the other team off guard.

Anyways hope to watch more of you games. And yeah I kept my promise to post more often, but this post seems to long again... Basketball is just to awesome ^ ^

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